Up and Go – Aussies Suck Poster Ad

I wonder what the people of Britain think of these recent poster ads from Up and Go with their slogan “Aussies Suck”. (Edit: This is an Australian breakfast drink ad).
At first glance, it almost looked offensive to the Australians – as in they suck at their own game in cricket whilst sucking up a breakfast drink… and then you think isn’t this inappropriate for children/teenagers? What would they be thinking?! 

Up&Go: Aussies Suck – female ad (edit: surprised she’s not in a bikini)

Up&Go: Aussies Suck – male ad

Conservative Britain doesn’t look conservative anymore! We’re seeing more undie ads (but this one’s for breakfast my dearies! Sorry… being cheesy here!).

Oh and here’s the video ad… ¬,¬”” … we’re becoming very European with this ad! Don’t think I’ll be “sucking” any time soon. :p