Up and Go – Aussies Suck Poster Ad

I wonder what the people of Britain think of these recent poster ads from Up and Go with their slogan “Aussies Suck”. (Edit: This is an Australian breakfast drink ad).
At first glance, it almost looked offensive to the Australians – as in they suck at their own game in cricket whilst sucking up a breakfast drink… and then you think isn’t this inappropriate for children/teenagers? What would they be thinking?! 

Up&Go: Aussies Suck – female ad (edit: surprised she’s not in a bikini)

Up&Go: Aussies Suck – male ad

Conservative Britain doesn’t look conservative anymore! We’re seeing more undie ads (but this one’s for breakfast my dearies! Sorry… being cheesy here!).

Oh and here’s the video ad… ¬,¬”” … we’re becoming very European with this ad! Don’t think I’ll be “sucking” any time soon. :p

10 thoughts on “Up and Go – Aussies Suck Poster Ad

  1. Anonymous

    As an Australian male visiting Britain, I find this ad offensive and totally inappropriate. To substitute Aussie for any other nationality would cause an outcry. I have complained to the Advertising Standards Board. And I'm not a prud- simply defensive of my nationality.


  2. I'm Australian, I live in London and have done for 10 years and I'm not offended in any way. The intended meaning is clear from the photo and it's tongue in cheek. The advert is made by Australians and it's an Australian product. I don't think any reasonable approach could imply a derogatory intent.


  3. I can see the funny side of it but still find it inappropriate. “Suck” have several meanings like “it sucks” or “Aussies Suck”… etc, etc…I think a lot of people are divided with this ad as not long ago we've had the “Are You Beach Body” advert and the male ad is depicted being the same as that ad. *Shrug shoulders* Life sucks!


  4. Anonymous

    I'm not an Aussie … but i find the adverts irritating / unimaginative. The claim that Aussies drink this foul tasting drink regularly is a bit of a stretch (i tried a free sample, tasted like chalky milkshake).My Aussie friends can confirm they've seen the adverts but havent tasted (nor do they intend to taste) this 'stuff'.


  5. It is totally racist crap. I am disgusted by this. Imagine if they used words like n*gger or p*ki. The ignorant c*nts who dreamt this up would be charged with all manner of things.


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