Czech Club Revisited – London West Hampstead

Reblogging about the Czech Club! This time round I had different food and there were more people joining us, so might as well. ^_^
Again I went with Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak and Ms LǜFù plus two others (friends of Ms LǜFù) who have now become my extended friends.
Here’s the Czech menu, you can’t see the menu items but can you see the picture of women in the middle? Probably a Czech piece of artwork. We waited for a long time to order as we were waiting for one more friend but she came later… at 9pm!!

Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak went for the Goose Roast (breast fillet), sauerkraut and dumplings. He said it was ok but the breast was a bit dry. (I think that’s expected with most breast meat, they go dry too often).
And this was his salad.

I had the “wild boar” roast with creamy and cheesy sauce and dumplings. On the menu it was changed to roast pork! So watch out if you want to try this dish. This was recommended to me the last time I went there and I chose to try it out this time. The pork was salty but the cheesy sauce and dumplings compensated for the saltiness. It also came with a sweet jam/chutney that went well with the dish. ^_^ Absolutely delicious! Presentation is exactly the same as it was the last time I came. Heheh.

I also ordered the cucumber salad. I was expecting slices of cucumber with some sort of dressing but this is Czech style. It’s made into a lemony, vinegary cold soup.  I found it a bit odd to eat so I didn’t eat all of it.

One of Ms LǜFù’s friend who is Czech had the Pork Schnitzel. It’s a fried breaded pork cutlet. This came with chunky potaotes, salad and I think that’s mayo in the little pot of possibly potato salad… I didn’t ask.
Ms LǜFù had the Chicken Schnitzel with chips and salad. Gosh I feel like most countries have similar tastes in food… fried food…

And lastly our friend who came late Miss L also had the Chicken Schnitzel with lots of salad! Very healthy person. ^_^

Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak and Ms LǜFù both went for desserts. I started on a diet (which I broke for a little while) so I skipped. Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak ordered two scoops of ice cream but got it in two bowls. Heheh.

Ms LǜFù and her Czech friend had an apricot dumpling with cream. Mmmmmmmmm. I wished I had dessert now. 😀

We all paid for our own food but total cost would’ve been about £56.50 (excluding the drinks).

My geeky rating: 5/5 (increase the points because I had good food that evening)

Skipping the good and bad points for today!!

Address: 74 West End Lane, West Hampstead, London NW6 2LX
Telephone: 0207 372 1193

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