BBQ Express – London Walworth Road

I’ve been dying to try out this new restaurant which took over a clothes store that was probably not doing so well. It’s situated in a new building of the grounds of the very old Walworth Police Station on Carter Street. (I’ve been living in this area for far too long!).
This new restaurant is a franchise which started up in 2006 according to their website. It seems quite popular already as there’s quite a few stores dotted around England and new branches seem to be popping up.

It was quite difficult for me to choose from the menu as there’s a variety of things to eat from burgers to grills to kebabs… Oh the choices! BBQ Express is a like a cross between Nando’s and a burger place. Hard to distinguish what type of restaurant it is really… In the end I chose the Grill Box which has a variety of grilled/BBQ meats, I chose fries and a Diet Coke to go with it. You can choose rice but I will try that another time. ¬,¬”
It takes a little while for it to be prepared so take a seat.
Can’t remember if the guy at the till asked if I wanted takeaway but he guessed right. I took my meal home and I had it straight away… Craving for meaty food!! The person gave me three sauces without me having to ask. ^_^ Already liking this place.
The meat was cooked so nicely, my mouth was watering. Lamb chops were cooked nicely (I don’t often eat lamb), Kofta strips, chicken pieces and BBQ drumsticks were just too delicious. I recommend adding some of the meat into the pitta bread and making your own little wrap. ^_^

Total cost came to £7.95 – that’s a very good price for what I had! I think I might be going to this place from time to time… 
My geeky rating: 5/5
Good points:
– Definitely “fresh off the grill”
– Polite service
– Food was delicious, want to try out everything now!
– Halal
Bad points:
– Can’t think of any… just hungry again from looking at the pictures. Yum yum! 😀
Address: 292b Walworth Road, London SE17 2TE
Tel: 0207 701 0088
Website: (needs to be updated)

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