Dairy Milk Puddles

It’s been a while since I’ve had a new Dairy Milk bar. This one I got free from my friend Mr Games who cooked chicken tikka masala for us the other day(Miss Money seems to be making a few cooking challenges for him, heheh). Mr Games got it for free at his workplace (or was it a discount). Lucky sod.
I love the design on the packaging with the chocolate pieces representing actual puddles produce by rain and the umbrella emphasises that they are puddles. Such a British thing don’t you think?

The chocolate tastes like normal Dairy Milk. The smooth hazelnut filling is not too runny like you would see with alcohol filled chocolate. Can’t really taste much of the hazelnut. I think my tastebuds have been overpowered by the chocolate.

 The puddles look like smiley faces!

Overall it is a nice design but the could do more on the flavouring.

And finally here’s Mr Games’s chicken tikka masala. Really tasty and it had a little spicy kick to it. Do you think cheese would have gone with it? Just a thought we were having that evening.  ^_^

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