Walkie Talkie Sky Garden – London Fenchurch Street

London has many strangely shaped buildings and the Walkie Talkie Building is just one of them. This building was completed in April 2014 and opened up in May 2014. I remembered not so long ago when the building was still in construction that it actually melted a car from the reflection of the sun onto the street! That was amazing scientific / mysterious news when I heard it back in 2013! ^_^ I wondered if the car owner ever received compensation for his melted car?
Anyway I was informed by Mr Games two weeks about the Sky Garden which is on top of the Walkie Talkie Building. At the moment it is free to go up there but not for long! So I’m telling you now to go and book any slot that is available. You won’t regret it, believe me.

It was also Mother’s Day (the international one) when I went so I brought along MummyGeek who basically got to see the rooftops of London for free! Lucky woman. I went up The Shard and had to pay a lot! Humph!!! When we got to the building we were informed by a person who was also going up, that the entrance was on the other side (the back), so make sure you know which way to go! I booked the 11.45 am slot but we were allowed to queue early. Unlike The Shard they check the name on the ticket which has to match photo ID, so make sure you bring your passport, drivers license or any official photo ID with your name on it. You also have to go through a metal detector. Security is becoming tight in London these days.

Once you go through security you stand in front of the lifts (there’s only two lifts) and you’re taken up to the 35th Floor. There’s actually 37 floors in total.

As you enter the 35th Floor you’re directed to you right. When you go through the doors you see a spectacular view of the dining area with a bar right in front of you.

You’ll see bikes parked all around with baskets of plants growing on them.

When you look up at the garden sections don’t expect too much because there isn’t much to observe. There are a few flowers, lots of greenery on the slanted gardens.
I think they could do a lot of more to the garden part. More inspiration is needed to call it a sky garden… ¬_¬” maybe some hanging flower baskets, some trees in the dining section, a grassy area on the floor section… and maybe a few more potted plants.

There’s only one balcony, so you’ll see a few people out there taking selfies and pictures of London. I think I’ve seen everything already so I wasn’t very thrilled.

MummyGeek and I went back in and I started pictures of the flowers and plants.

Up on the 36th Floor, there is nothing much to do, but there are benches for you to sit on. You can also see the Gherkin Building and look at other people taking pictures.

The 37th Floor is a balcony and I think leads to one of the restaurants.

I took some pictures from the top which made me a little dizzy looking downwards.

And another look at the flowers and plants.

It became busy at this point.

And finally as we were leaving I took a few pictures of the menu and food. ^_^ The bakery food looks scrumptious!

Finally it was time to exit. When we got outside there was a long queue! So happy we went early.

I think the Sky Garden would be a great place to go to for high tea but the main part to improve on is the garden itself. Grow more plants!! So I reiterate make sure you book your free slot NOW whilst you still can (ends 31st May 2015)!! It’s not going to be free forever,

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