Iceland Poster Adverts – Power of Frozen

Something less controversial in the advertising world. ^_^

Iceland’s have put up some nice quirky food adverts which are fun to read and to look at the same time. They have used the “Power of Frozen”. ^_^

This first one says “Frozen brings Italian wood-fired pizzas to British gas-fired ovens.” Lol!! Indeed!!

This next one says “Frozen brings juicy King Prawns to fresh Spring salads”. Never thought of using frozen king prawns for salad but sounds like something I should try out one day.

And finally this one says “Frozen lets you wake up and smell the croissants”. I love this advert. I have not seen frozen croissants before but I’m sure to try and find it in Iceland’s one day. ^_^

Use The Power of Frozen. >_<""

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