Snowdonia Hiking Trip 2015: Day 1

Saturday 23rd May
Time for another UK break (yay, another Bank Holiday)! This time I didn’t go flying. Phew!
Seem to be spending more time with Miss Money, Mr Games and Mr Sensible in this past year. Not sure how that happened but before I went on more holidays with Miss Pinky I used to spend lots of time with Miss Money and Mr Games when we all worked together (that was more than 10 years ago). It was fun pal times!! ^_^ I’m not sure how we’re all still friends to be honest.
One evening in April Miss Money started talking about places to go hiking. She wanted to climb one of the highest mountains in the UK and I said Snowdonia has a high mountain (that’s in North Wales by the way). So in an instant we started planning dates and how to get there… It actually took us a long time to book the hotel and car – literally two weeks before the Spring Bank Holiday!!! OMG. I had this small feeling that Mr Games and Mr Sensible didn’t want to go (or they were just too lazy to book the hotel for us). ¬_¬”
We all met at Waterloo Station around 10am. I was smart to have breakfast first but the others bought their breakfast at the station. Then it was time to find the car rental place that Mr Games and Mr Sensible for the car that they booked. Whilst searching, we saw these people in costumes for Comic Con. >.<" I wish I had went. Maybe next year if we don't plan to go up hiking or end up babysitting.
We found the car rental place Avis which is located outside the station. For some reason we got an upgraded car but had to pay more for insurance, I didn’t mind as long as we got to our destination in one piece.

The long drive started!! Mr Games was entertaining us with some general knowledge questions and asking us what we do type of questions.

At the first service station we went to I bought myself a new selfie stick which is bluetooth operated. I even got a discount. Woohoo!! 
Miss Money was complaining I wasn’t taking any pictures so I took a few on my phone along the way…
Turbines along the M6

Some sort of incident… burnt truck
At the second service station we started eating. I bought a Greggs chicken roll. I tasted more butter than anything else. Miss Money had some pasties. Mr Games and Mr Sensible had Burger King meals.
A chicken roll
On the other side is Liverpool… we’re far away from it actually
Drive, drive, drive
After many hours of Mr Sensible’s driving we arrived at Rhos on Sea before 6pm.
Booked into the hotel, got shown our rooms and was given some detail about food shopping and eating out etc. Unpacked a little (Mr Games already unpacked everything at this point, wow). Then we headed out.

We walked along the seafront after settling in the hotel. I didn’t bring my selfie stick out but should have done…

Found the tiniest church that I have ever seen. I think it’s more of a place to pray than holding a service as such.

Walked more and also booked a table at an Italian restaurant nearby. There were no available tables until around 8pm so we had to walk more for an hour and a half. So we walked… very slow walking.

From left to right: Miss Money, The Geek, Mr Games and Mr Sensible ^___^

Tourist centre in Rhos-on-sea
Finally it was time to head back to the restaurant which is called La Dolce Vita. We were greeted by friendly staff. It didn’t take them long for them seat us. Drinks were served quickly but unfortunately service was a bit slow even though we did ask. Mr Games and I ordered a second drink, we were too thirsty… Once food was ordered, it took a while longer for our food to be served.
La Dolce Vita in Rhos-on-sea
Mr Games and I ordered the same thing, meat lasagna. I started off wanting the vegetable lasagna but the longer I waited for service I instantly changed my mind. I think I was happy with my choice though!!

The lasagna came out piping hot from the oven. The tomato sauce was rich with sweetness and a bit of cheesiness to it! I was in heaven although it was too hot to eat. Kept blowing at the food and thinking I was a Korean who enjoyed hot food, (I’m currently watching Let’s Eat 2 online and still feel amazed at how Koreans don’t get runny noses or sweat a lot whilst eating hot food, heheh).

Meat lasagna
Miss Money had the seafood risotto. It looked nice. It was cheesy however it was just too fishy. I had two bites of her food and felt the seafood was not that fresh although we were right by the sea! ¬_¬”” I think Miss Money wasn’t that impressed and wanted more risotto than seafood… she complained later and said she should’ve had the chicken!! Hahahahah.
seafood risotto
Mr Sensible at the spaghetti carbonara. He demolished his plate of food in minutes as it was hot enough for him to eat it quickly so I’m afraid I never got to try out the creaminess of it all. ^_^
spaghetti carbonara
Total came to (I think) £56.53. We rounded it to over £60 as they don’t bill us for service charge. Fantastic!! ^_^
My geeky rating: 4.5/5 – slow service for us speedy hungry Londoners (Mr Sensible is Welsh so he doesn’t count :P) was our main complaint. Owner of the restaurant was absolutely funny by the way!!
After eating, we went to Costcutter and bought a few snacks for the next day. 
Co-op ^_^
Then we headed back… we were going to play some games in the living room area but ended up showering and going to bed early!
Sunset!!!! 😀
End of Day 1.

p.s. I can’t believe I missed most of Eurovision this year!! I completely forgot!!

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