Snowdonia Hiking Trip 2015: Day 2

Sunday 24th May
Day 2 started really early. I woke up at 5am on the dot and unfortunately I couldn’t sleep much that night probably because I was in a new room and I had drunk coffee that night. 😦 The only person that had a bit of a lie in was Mr Games. Wake up Mr Games!! 😛
We left just after 6am and thankfully I didn’t feel too tired. Mr Sensible drove for about an hour until we suddenly stopped on a side road near a campsite with a punctured tyre. >_<"" Oh dear. For me, it was a laughable situation because it was the first time I've been in a broken down car. Hahaha!! So Mr Sensible phoned up the insurance peeps and the maintenance guys to get the tyre replaced. Well we did pay for it, so why not use the insurance! Well done Mr Sensible and Mr Games for getting the insurance. Phew.
Flat tyre! Yay!
We had sat in the car for an hour and a half but each of us took turns going out and exploring our surroundings. Luckily we were right near a bus stop and a pub so if we were in deep trouble we could have hanged around those parts.

Finally the maintenance guys came, found us and immediately changed the tyre. Then off we went to find a parking space!

We went back and forth from the Pyg Track entrance and back again to the car pack near where we broke down. ¬,¬””
From the car pack we unloaded, went to the loo and then a taxi guy looking for customers asked us whether we wanted to take a cab there… why not, it’s £2 person, whereas we would have had to wait for the bus and pay £1.50. Take the taxi!!
The Pyg Track journey begins!
Oh boy, I was already breathless and a little cold after a few yards… 😦 but at least it stopped raining.
We continued going up and I kept stopping because it is hard work going upwards with my short legs. >_<"" Slowed the others down…. Sorry guys!!

Anyway, there were some flat parts and I enjoyed walking through those parts on the Pyg Track.
Looking down from the top was AMAZING!! It was a bit foggy and cloudy but it was just beautiful.

We kept walking then after almost three hours of walking we stopped to eat. This when I realised I lost part of my selfie stick… so if you see a frame that’s supposed to connect to a selfie stick please pick up and re-use. (Thankfully the old self stick frame fits on the new one, phew!). So unfortunately, no great group selfies on this trip. 😦

After eating and being watched by seagulls we carried on walking, obviously stopping at every opportunity.

There was a lot more climbing during the second half and finally I tired out. Mr Games was trying to encourage me to keep going as we only had about half an hour to the top… but I pulled a muscle in my leg and I really couldn’t do anymore… So I said I’m going to leave the guys to reach the top and I’ll journey downwards… Whilst waiting for them I saw a rescue helicopter, lots of people going back and forth and just looking at my surroundings. I did a lot of exercise you know!! ^_^

Well, it took those three ages to come back down and with permission from Miss Money, here’s some pictures from the top. Thank you Miss Money!!!

Then it was the journey back downhill via the Miners Track. Uh oh. This was a hard path too. >.<" Hmmmmmmm. Not happy guys. The muscles in my thighs were hurting because they haven't been used for a very long time. I slipped once and hurt my arm… Basically battered and bruised. T_T Waaaaah. 

In the end we finally made it halfway down the bottom to one of the lakes. Yaaaay!! Almost home!!

Uh, no, we’re not almost home… it was another hour and a half walk to the car park. I want my mum. 😦
More walking…

But it was just so beautiful. Why didn’t we start off with the Miners Track!!! (Next time I’m choosing the simple route up).

Miss Money seemed to have sped up because we lost sight of her. We had to speed through the rest of the way because the last bus was at 6pm. We all made a bet to see what time we would be able to make it to the car park. Miss Money said 6pm, Mr Sensible said 6.05pm, Mr Games said 6.10pm and I said 6.15pm…

We got there at 5.55pm. Phew. Miss Money won. BUT the bus left at 6.05pm. So who really won this bet? Lol
Time to head back. Woohoo!! Can’t believe Mr Sensible was able to drive us back after an epic trip uphill and downhill. Well done Mr Sensible!! (He has long legs and the tallest out of us four). On the journey back Mr Games said he was so happy seeing me smile because I looked so miserable going uphill… Hahahahah. Really? I did enjoy myself, but it was a bit too much for me.
Got back to the hotel after 7pm and we took a long time to undress and shower (that was Miss Money and me… Miss Money was talking too much, heheh).
Mr Games and Mr Sensible went downstairs first and looked at the takeaway options. Miss Money and I looked at the menu on my phone. Whilst waiting for the food we started playing a board game (forgot the name of the game). It was fun and it distracted us from our hunger… But we were too hungry.
Finally the food came and we all ate in our rooms… ^_^ Happy Geek. The guys had pizzas and we girls had kebabs. 

End of Day 2.

2 thoughts on “Snowdonia Hiking Trip 2015: Day 2

  1. That was rather awkward, I'd imagine. It's really tough when you are off on a trip and something like that happens. At least you were able to contact insurance to take care of the problem. At the very least, it seems that the rest of the trip went well, so there’s that. Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures with us. Cheers!Micheal Miller @ Butler Kia Fishers


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