Snowdonia Hiking Trip 2015: Day 3

Monday 25th May
It was time to say goodbye to beautiful North Wales with its wonderful scenic views from the sea to the mountains to the lakes and nice people. Woke up at 8am, got ready and finished packing. Then ate lots of fruit and drank my own coffee. Miss Money took her time. And the boys were all ready too! 
We left the hotel before 10am to be beat the traffic and rush hour and so off we went. My legs were aching by the way and so it was hard for me to walk down the stairs. Heheh. >.<" Spotted a castle on the way out of North Wales… 
Spot the castle
First stop was a gas station to top up some diesel and where Mr Sensible was trying to work out the air pressure in the wheels since changing the tyre. Then off we drive again.
Next stop we ended up eating. I went for a Burger King meal and the rest went to find Greggs and Costa Coffee stuff. I had the Pulled Pork Burger with these chilli cheese melts. Unfortunately I wasn’t impressed with the burger as it didn’t have enough pulled pork in it. Couldn’t really taste much of the barbecue taste of it. 😦 
Where’s the pulled pork?

Not enough pulled pork!
The chilli cheese melts on the other hand were impressive. And for an extra 99p it was worth to try out! ^_^
chilli cheese melts were cool
It was time to head back out again. 
On the way back we saw a lot of accidents. I think we were very lucky not to have been in any of those. Phew. Now Mr Sensible was driving and driving forever before we went for one more stop where I bought a drink and the others went for a McDonald’s. My legs were still aching (they ached for a couple of days). 
Then drive, drive and more driving with some entertainment from Mr Games and chatting with Miss Money and doing nothing until we reached “ugly” London (ugly – as in talking about the scenic views compared to North Wales… I don’t hate London but find it dull and grey seeing miserable people working their backsides all day long just to pay for their food and rent as well as seeing tall grey buildings…). Traffic was pretty horrendous as usual. But well done for Mr Sensible getting us back home in one piece!! ^_^ Car returned back to Waterloo and we tried our best to clean the car… well they had given us the car with some bird poop on it so there may still be some dirt in it. ¬_¬””
Trying to picture the cows here… did you know they are the 4th dangerous animals in the UK?
Back home we went. Exhausted. I think the others are planning to go to the highest mountain in the UK, that’s Ben Nevis in the Highlands, Scotland… I’ll think about it… Is there an easy, easy route going up there? I hope so!! ¬_¬
End of Day 3.