Smirnoff Poster Adverts

So we’ve had an Australian advert buzz now it’s the Russian (and British) turn to make some mockery of our ever changing nation. 
Smirnoff have actually made me LOL for a good few moments. When I first saw it, I smiled and shook my head as in What The Heck is this?! But reading it again and again made me laugh… It says “Homosexual, Heterosexual, Who-Gives-A-Sexual… We’re Open Smirnoff”. (Meaning: Who gives a f***). Nice pun!!!
OMG. What were the advertising team thinking? I guess a lot of us enjoy a bit of Smirnoff whether people are homosexual or heterosexual… but I’m not sure about the asexual part!! ^_^ 

I saw this one a little later. It says “Out, or Out Out?”. Hahahah, I think I know a few people who would say that. ^_^

There are a few different ones out there. So watch out!

I hope these ads won’t stir people… these ones are definitely a bit of fun. 

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