Wall’s Ice Cream Poster Advert

Was learning how to ride a bike using those Mayor’s bikes this morning… 😦 Very unsuccessful. They are so heavy and they aren’t very comfortable for short-legged people! I want to learn… That’s one goal I haven’t met yet. I will one day!! 加油! (Canto: ga yau) Add oil! Just need a small and light bike from somewhere… Exercise bikes are easy to use. ¬_¬””


Wall’s ice cream made me smile.
How productive is this? Using their famous ice cream cones and using the slogan “This traffic is driving me nuts”. How elegant. ^_^
The nuts obviously refer to the nuts on top of the ice cream cone.

There’s also this one: “Watch out for cones on the road”. Are there just too many “cones” on the road? Well there’s just too many road works going on! So yeah, watch out for those cones!

Hope the nice weather continues so that I can eat ice cream cones… ^_^

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