Happy Lemon – London China Town

Ah, another bubble tea shop. I guess we Chinese people never tire of them. Lemon tea is pretty much famous all over the world but for there to be a shop just making them feels different. I’m used to tiny restaurants in Hong Kong making them and I’m used to buying bottles of them in Asian stores. So what’s so special about this one?
Happy Lemon is a little different. It’s another worldwide brand originated from Hong Kong (I think) which started up in 2006. Around 13 years later they have over 100 stores around the world that’s according to their website. ^_^ Of course I must go and have a try!
Located right next door to Cuppacha, the little tiny shop does not seem to be afraid to stand out and take loads of customers away. With a big plastic statue of the Happy Lemon mascot it attracts people like me to have a look and see what’s happening.

It’s a bit like all bubble tea stores, choose your drink, cold or hot, add sugar etc, etc… nothing new to experience here but instead of asking for your name they give you a number tag so don’t lose it! I ordered in English since my Mandarin is a little off (still) but they do have Cantonese speakers, so don’t be put off with not knowing any Mandarin too. ^_^
Cost came to £7.50 as I had ordered two drinks to try out. The place is a bit small and they do get a lot of customers… I guess people like lemon tea! ^_^
The main difference with other bubble tea stores is that they have their own merchandise which I haven’t seen! That’s quite cool. 
So much merchandise

Here’s their top selling drinks. ^_^

I got the drinks and headed home. I decided to go and drink them in a nearby park although it was quite windy that afternoon… the sun was out but too much wind!! I looked at the bag and thought OMG this is so cute! I didn’t keep the bag but I wish all things were this cute. >_<""

First I had the Chocolate with Rock Salted Cheese. Que?! Rock salted cheese? That sounded awfully different. Well I had a go… and to be honest I couldn’t taste any cheese… or any saltiness… ¬,¬” Is that what the taste is supposed to be…? Just tastes like a chocolate milkshake with bits in it… Looking at this person’s blogpost I realised that they’re using cream cheese not the fatty cheese that we like on our pizzas. Heheheh.

You don’t shake this drink by the way… check out Happy Lemon’s promo video.

Next up I tried out the Fresh Lemon Black Tea with 50% sugar… Oh my, I think I should have went for full sugar because it was very strong and sour. They leave the lemon slices inside so you will expect some lemon pieces in your drink.

Overall I did enjoy a different type of bubble tea although I wasn’t offered any jelly bits to go in my tea… Nevermind…
Will I go back? Maybe…

Address: 24A Newport Court, London WC2H 7JS
Tel: 0207 734 1966
Website: http://www.happy-lemon.co.uk/

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