Vita Coco Poster Ads – "Stupidly Simple"

Heheh, two weeks ago I saw these poster ads in Waterloo and I started giggling… Who on Earth would be so observant with the ins and outs of Waterloo Station!
Well the advertising team for Vita Coco must have looked at where all the posters were going to go before deciding on what to write. ^_^ And they are really “Stupidly Simple”!! I like.
I always find London confusing! No straightforward answers to what we want. 

Never even noticed there was a mystery ladder!

I think the dodgy door is a fire escape…

Lol!! Seriously… Why on Earth would we want directions for a pigeon? Heheheh!!

Can you see a pigeon? I can!! Hahahah.

Yes there’s a bike rack here. That’s a bit obvious.

This one is “Stupidly Simple” indicating the obvious… The water in this carton is from a coconut.

The sun was in the way… but this one says “Woman taking a selfie” – there were no women taking selfies at that point in time. It also scrolls to say “Man taking a selfie” and “Child taking a selfie”. Believe me there were no people taking selfies at that point!! 😛

Hahaha!! Missing cat poster!!

And to be fair, there was a missing cat poster…! Lol.

There are a few more on York Road – why don’t you have a look and see what they say. ^.^

p.s. If you’re heading into Waterloo Station don’t forget to check out the dinosaur statues which are to promote the new Jurassic Park movie.

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