Lanzhou Noodle Bar 正宗兰州拉面 – London Cranbourne Street

Hidden away (not really that hidden). But behind one of the entrances of Leicester Square Station is a noodle bar called Lanzhou Noodle Bar 正宗兰州拉面(Mando: zheng zong Lanzhou la mian), meaning: “authentic Lanzhou pulled noodles”. Miss Money went there the other day and explained  to me that they sell cold noodles which I didn’t try – maybe next time but had read that their noodles are really good.

Lanzhou Lamian Noodle Bar

I was seated next to a bunch of people. The place is a bit cramped so make sure you don’t bring too much stuff because you’ll probably have nowhere to place things, except the floor. I think there are seats downstairs as well…

Fun cartoons on the wall

Instead of the cold noodles I read that the beef brisket were the best noodles, so I ordered that with my poor Mandarin and I also ordered a plate of steamed/boiled dumplings… why not, I was there. There are other options like rice dishes if you don’t want noodles.

The noodles came out first. It’s a big massive bowl. Floating on top were some leaves of pak choi, beef brisket and to my utter horror – coriander!

Beef Brisket Noodle Soup

In the midst of all that soup were the noodles. Lamian 拉面, the pulled noodles. In other words ramen. These were chunky, a kind of bland taste and filling at the same time. The disappointing factor was the beef broth. It was light in taste but it didn’t have that strong beefy taste which I like from the Cantonese style beef brisket noodles. It also reminded me of Vietnamese pho.

Pulled noodles

The dumplings actually made up for the noodles. They were filled with pork and chives. They were fat and filling. I think the wrap is made using the noodle dough.

Pork and chive steamed/boiled dumplings

So much filling… this is recommended

I was really full after eating!! ^_^ Total cost came to £11.50. Bowl of noodles cost £6.50. You pay at the counter rather than asking for the bill. A little expensive and I didn’t order any drinks with this. I’ve learnt my lesson… if you order soup noodles don’t order a drink with it. Service is average – don’t expect full smiles and greetings.

After this I walked towards Westminster to digest and see the Naked Bike Ride.

My geeky rating: 3.5/5

Good points:
– Big bowl of pulled noodles
– If you’re lucky you will probably see a chef pulling noodles
– Steamed/boiled dumplings are filling!

Bad points:
– A little expensive for Chinese soup noodles
– The noodle soup was not the best I’ve had 😦
– Feel like you have to eat quick and go… no place to stay and chat

Address: 33 Cranbourne Street London WC2H 7AD
Tel: 020 7836 4399

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