3D Origami Avengers (The rest of them)

Uh oh. I was asked to make the rest of The Avengers (already made Captain America) and so it seems I like I had loads of time to make more models, well in between holidays, working and studying. 😀

Here’s the Hulk. He’s my favourite of the lot I made. So green, so mean. ^_^

The Flash was easy to make, just needed some gold paper which I managed to get for cheap on eBay. 

Was struggling to design Thor as there’s too many versions of him so I kind of improvised with old and new versions of him.

I was asked to make one more… Nicky Fury – the Samuel L Jackson version.  Easy to make but also added in his coat which now makes him look like a vampire! Yeek!

Need to design more stuff!

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