Japanese Kit Kat – Pumpkin Pudding and Shinshu Apple Flavours

And for my 600th post I’m going to eat some Japanese Kit Kat. ^_^
Here are two flavours I have not tried out yet – Pumpkin Pudding and Shinshu Apple. I wonder when the bigger versions will make it to the UK…

So I tried out the Pumpkin Pudding パンプキンプリン味 first. Do I even know what pumpkin tastes like… ¬,¬” I don’t think I do. Uh oh. 

Well, when I opened the tiny packet it smelled of white chocolate. I tied to picture in my mouth what pumpkin tastes like, but all I could think of was white chocolate. >_<" !!

The Shinshi Apple 信州りんご was the one that I really wanted to try out. Shinshu is a place in Japan and I guess their apples are the best! ^_^

Instead of white chocolate they use normal milk chocolate. 

And wow, the taste and smell of the apple is wonderful. It’s like you’re eating real fruit. There’s a sort of stickiness in it which makes the Kit Kat gooey in texture. Delicious!!

Sorry, not sharing these!
You can buy both flavours for £1.30 each from Japan Centre website: http://www.japancentre.com/.

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