New York Snack Summary

Whilst in New York (that was in March) I did buy a few snacks here and there although I felt like I had tried nearly everything from the time I went to Dallas.
So the snacks I have here are ones I have never tried before. This will be just a short summary of what I tried as I’m too lazy as I know it’s been a while (3 months post holiday to be exact). ^_^”
M&M’s Chocolate Bar! Wow. I’ve not seen one of these yet. It’s basically a very sweet chocolate bar with some M&M’s in between.

M&M’s Mega is basically a larger version of normal M&M’s. There’s just more chocolate in each piece.

The Milky Way Midnight Dark is an awesome chocolate bar!! Hope they sell these in London somewhere. It’s really smooth. There’s a hint of vanilla taste in the nougat. The caramel is thick. Dark chocolate isn’t too sweet. It’s a chocolate bar to die for really!!!

I’ve still got some of these. Think they’ve expired but I ate them anyway. This is a nice savoury peanut butter cookie. It’s not too sweet and I think I could eat lots of these. ^_^

Nips are like hard toffees. The peanut butter is in the middle of the sweet but I couldn’t taste much of the peanut butter unfortunately. They get stuck in your teeth too, so eat with caution.

And lastly another Milky Way bar. A 2 in 1 bar. I think I just love Milky Way. It’s not too sweet and the nougat is really smooth…

Next time I visit America I must get loads of Milky Way!! ^_^

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