Duck and Waffle – London Heron Tower

Another evening out with Miss Posh. This time we tried out Duck and Waffle which is also located in Heron Tower (the same place as Sushi Samba). Another so-called posh restaurant. Yep. No open toe shoes, no trainers, you must dress in appropriate clothing! 
Duck and Waffle is another fusion restaurant between British and the Europeans. Nice concept… I was expecting very nice combinations from a restaurant like this! 

Miss Posh got there before me and I was late by 10 minutes because of bus traffic. For the first time Miss Posh was early!! … We ordered our food as soon as I arrived. I already knew what I wanted and it seemed Miss Posh was already full from an away day meal she went on. Lucky her! 😛
Finally the food came out… I was a bit hungry!
Miss Posh had the Pea, Mint and Ricotta Ravioli dish. She liked this. I didn’t get a taste.

She didn’t like this corn on the cob with toasted coconut and spiced mayo. It didn’t suit her tastebuds and I didn’t want to try it fearing I would get bits stuck in my teeth. (I told a colleague of mine who knows a lot about food and nutrition the next day about this and she said corn on the cob should only be seasoned with butter. It doesn’t need to be cooked like this… hmmmm….

This is her non-alcoholic coctail…

I have a thing for aubergine at the moment so I asked for the Coal Charred Aubergine… to be honest I thought I would get slices of aubergine with the skin on, lightly spiced with cumin and minimal yogurt. I took a taste of this and thought the cumin just doesn’t go well with the aubergine. Bleurgh. The saltiness flavour came at the end… just not for me this dish.

I also ordered the famous classic Duck and Waffle dish. It looked cool but not completely to my taste. The fried egg was a bit rubbery, I think I even flicked a bit into my eye. ¬_¬”” The duck egg was crispy and very tasty, this went well with the waffle and syrup that came with it. Too bad I didn’t have the guts to clean that duck leg in front of so many people… 😛
Top view

Side view

From the lift we could see the sun ready to set… ^_^

Waiter came to us with the bill without us asking for it (I’m sure we never asked for it). I think I dislike service like that… Total came to £59.63 and I only had tap water! ¬_¬”” The price of paying for what seems posh to us in London. 
My geeky rating: 3.5/5 (I’m afraid I was still hungry… 😦 )
Good points:
– Polite service (except for the person who gave us the bill)
– Duck and Waffle dish was lovely without the egg
Bad points:
– Expensive for a piece of roasted duck leg
– Side plates didn’t go too well with the classic dishes…
– Felt hungry after eating this 😦 Make sure you eat a big lunch before going here… unless you decide on the meals to share

Address: 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY
Telephone: 0203 640 7310

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