Bayroot Lebanese Street Food – London Camberwell/Walworth Road

At the end of Walworth Road and at the start of Camberwell is a new Lebanese Street Food restaurant. I was actually quite excited to see this new and upcoming restaurant which is probably trying to make Camberwell and Walworth Road a little more trendy. I think the area already has become trendy with the variety of food that’s building up in the area. Think Walworth and Camberwell is becoming the new Dulwich… only joking!! ^_^

There seems to be a trend of kebabs along the Walworth Road. I’ve counted four in my head and now we have a Lebanese restaurant. Do you count Lebanese food as kebab food? I don’t know. I leave that for the experts.
Bayroot is a different spelling to the capital city Beirut. Good idea for a restaurant name!

They already had a few customers in the restaurant and I was allowed to sit anywhere. I had a quick browse at the menu and they were only serving the skewers either on it’s own or as a platter. I chose the platter option where you can choose up to three meats. I felt one skewer by itself would’ve been too boring.

I sat for a long while and had a look around. There seems to be a lot of lighting but it actually looks quite dark inside. Don’t worry, I think it’s to make you feel cool and they do have candles for I believe a romantic setting in the evening. There was no music in the background when I went in… I think they forgot because I could hear some music just before I was leaving

The tables look trendy, don’t know why… very simplistic!

If you sit near the entrance you will notice this clock. The background is shaped into Lebanon (I checked on the map).

First came out the apple and ginger juice which is freshly squeezed. It wasn’t cold enough and it didn’t have enough ginger. I’m sure I’ve had freshly squeezed juices that were cold…

Then the meal came out. It looks cool!

The platter came with one piece of lamb kofta, beef rump steak and king prawns. I actually wanted the squid steak but I think they ran out. There’s also a few pieces of grilled vegetables underneath. I started off with the prawns. They are definitely fresh but were only lukewarm and not spicy enough. The lamb kofta was well seasoned and went well with the sour cream sauce. The beef steak cooled too quickly, a little bland but went well with the spicy red sauce. I had all of this and felt quite satisfied with a full stomach

The Bayroot Fries is not anything too special, it just had some spices added on to it. Didn’t finish them. 😦

My disappointment was the mainly the bread. Yeah. The pitta bread. It was a bit too dry when it reached the table. I had half a piece and didn’t eat the rest… 😦

There’s always room for improvement!
Total came to £27.22. Woah a bit expensive for grilled meat, fries, bread and juice. The kind owner gave me a small discount – was quite surprised about that… Well I have had expensive food but not sure if this was worth that amount… maybe the rump steak was my mistake. ¬_¬”” After examining the menu leaflet I think I should have chosen to eat a wrap instead! 
My geeky rating: 4/5 (it was better than eating at Duck and Waffle considering this place had only opened for less than a week when I went!)
Good points:
– Polite service, although still new so still rusty with what they’re doing (I’m sure it will improve)
– I felt full after eating which is a good sign that I enjoyed the filling meat
– I think the lunchtime menu will be a hit – must try out a wrap next time
Bad points:
– Meat and prawns cooled down too quickly – but that happens to most grilled meat I guess
– Pitta bread was a bit too dry to my liking
– A bit expensive (maybe because I chose the expensive meat!)…defo have to try out a wrap ^_^
Address: 8 Camberwell Road, London SE5 0EN
Tel: 02079984030