Bento Ramen – London Camden

Don’t often go out with Mr Games and Mr Sensible in a group just to go and watch a movie! But first stop was to eat at Bento Ramen!
I had no breakfast that morning, just a coffee, so luckily I had a big stomach. I already had a quick look at the menu online and knew what I wanted to try out. I can really only comment on the food I had and I had taken pictures of everyone else’s food. ^_^ Me? Food addict? 
Bento Ramen is a Japanese-Chinese restaurant, not a fusion restaurant as there’s no mix and match of ingredients. When I saw that they had dim sum I knew that there had to be some sort of Chinese partnership in this place. 

We ordered food and I went with Mr Games and friend to get our cinema tickets.

This is Mr Sensible’s ramen.

Not sure what this is. A vegetarian udon stir fry I think.

Vegetarian gyoza.

Not sure what this is. Tofu?

I think this is either duck or chicken and char siu with boiled rice.

Char siu and wonton noodle soup.

Mr Games had the bbq beef and chicken katsu don set.

Gyoza noodle soup.

I also had the bbq beef and chicken katsu don. So based on my tastebuds, this is actually really tasty. The beef was nice and tender, soft and easy to bite into and also sweet enough to want more. The chicken katsu was ok and I managed to eat the lot. It’s very filling! Mr Games didn’t like the beef that much but he likes fried chicken more anyway… 😛

I was also greedy enough to order the dim sum set. All of these had shellfish, so if you are allergic don’t get it. I enjoyed this so much as the prawns were big. I think they all handmade this. Anyway, I was stuffed!! ^_^ Happy face was on!!!

In total we spent over £100 including drinks and service charge. I think mine cost around £17-£18. I love East Asian food. 
My geeky rating: 5/5 (I can’t rate on the others, so rated my own experience)
Good points:
– Affordable Japanese and Chinese food
– Tasty dim sum! I think it’s easier to come here than eat at China Town for dim sum. 
Bad points:
– Can’t think of any
Address: 29-31 Parkway, London NW1 7PN
Tel: 020 7485 9933


Minions was an average kids film… nothing too special about the story line. The ending was the best part!! ^_^

Also had a Tango Ice Blast… fizzy!!

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