McDonald’s Poster Adverts – "Good Times"

The weekend has finally started. At last.
Here’s a couple of McDonald’s adverts for you to figure out. ^_^
McDonald’s are always so trendy and like to keep up-to-date what people are into and yes the new generation of youngsters and geeky people like me like to use emoticons in everyday emails, text messages and even on my blog. Heheheh.
Can you figure out what these say?

My friends figured these out quite quickly!! Laughed that a male friend figured out the top one and a female one with the second one.
If you’re still stuck:
Poster 1: a couple go out and go to several shops to buy shoes with I assume the man’s credit card… they finally get to McDonald’s, have a cheeseburger and the man I presume is happy.

Poster 2: Person takes a taxi and flies out to a sunny destination, it’s all good until it turns to bad weather for several. It’s time to head back and then the person stops at McDonald’s and has Big Mac. Person is all happy again. Heheheh.

Found some more… Can you guess what the posters are saying?

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