Hyper Japan 2015 – London O2

Ah, it’s another year for Hyper Japan! I’m still in the Japanese mode coz I’m still learning Japanese – I think why not continue learning as I’ve already started. Learning Korean will have to start in a few more years time I’m afraid.
This year I ended up going alone to Hyper Japan. I did invite Miss Pinky and co but I think with the baby coming it would be a struggle for her to walk everywhere. Master H now has a social life and we can’t interrupt that. And Mr Picky is just Mr Picky… My other friends are just busy. Hyper Japan ended up in O2 this year which was so much easier for me to get to. Yay!! ^_^ 
But boo with the long queues today! Why was I lazy to get up??!! So angry with myself for not turning up early. I started queuing at North Greenwich Station that’s how bad it was… 😦 I must’ve queued for 45 minutes and I was already drying up from the hot sun… it was an easy way to get a sun tan!

Finally I got in!! ^_^ First you go into the entrance and turn right… people were already sitting on the floor when I went in… are those peeps already exhausted? Wow. The first part of Hyper Japan I saw was the video game section. 

I took a peek inside before heading into the stalls.

Do you remember the SNES?

Then I headed out and met the girl band Honey Spice ハニースパイス.
Honey Spice

 cosplay photo session taking place…

Then further along I met Heisei Kotohime 乙女革命. 
Heisei Kotohime
Further along the way I went into the stalls section and had a look around… it was like the same the stuff from last year and didn’t buy anything at this point.

Domo-kun!! ^_^

Got free snacks!! >.<""

Listened to a non-Japanese sing in Japanese too!
A duo Die Milch was about to sing and play so I thought I’ll go and watch them… they are pretty amazing! Must buy their album! I’ve put one of their songs on my YouTube channel.

I’m sure this was the same Goku I saw last year!! 😀

It was time to move around… 
Rilakkuma 😀

And then finally eat. ^_^ 

I remembered that it was the girls time to sing, I was late but made my way to Building 6. The entrance is opposite the games section…
I heard both Honey Spice and Heisei Kotohime…

Then a lot of people were there to listen to Tokyo Girls’ Style – these girls have lots of energy and just performed song after song.

Next up was Eir Aoi!! I completely forgot about her… luckily I stayed to listen!! She almost made me deaf because of the loud music, but she’s amazing!! Eir Aoi spoke mostly in Japanese in between songs and I think I’m happy I understood some of what she said… the easy stuff… 😀

After the mini concerts I sat in the back garden for a few minutes… 

Hyper Japan then closed for about 45 minutes… the guys needed a break!! And I needed to sit and rest… When it was to go back in I queued for the toilet – which took forever!!
It was then time to look at all the stalls again and decide what to buy! 

Was tired… but took a few more pictures and entered the gaming area again…
Heisei Kotohime

I left before 5pm and made it home by 6pm! Phew!! I could see more people queuing and I’m glad I was there for a good 6-7 hours. Exhausted. Glad I bought a dual pass too. It was worth it. 
At the beginning I was happy it was the O2 but compared to last year it was better in Earl’s Court Arena 1.
Here’s my purchases.

I needed new bowls >_<"

Tips for the the next Hyper Japan:
– Bring cash (always) – between £50-£100… just depends on what you’re buying really
– Get there early
– Bring a drink
– Dress smart (like a t-shirt and shorts depending on weather) unless you’re in cosplay
Website: http://hyperjapan.co.uk/

p.s. I forgot to go to the theatre section… too tired!! Hope you all enjoy it!!

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