Reem Lebanese Restaurant – London Camberwell

Been a bit lazy with the blogging… :p Busy social life… peh…
A few weeks ago I think I had some sort of craving for Lebanese food and after eating at Bayroot I thought I’ll try the newish one in Camberwell.
Reem Lebanese restaurant has replaced the Italian restaurant Gusto. Oh deary me, the food was really good in Gusto but I don’t think they were making much money… 😦 Reem opened up a few months ago and I was going to try it out at the start but my colleague Miss Vegan (new girl) tried it out and said it wasn’t as good as Falafel in Camberwell New Road with how they wrapped their wraps. Humph… But I just had to try it out!!

It didn’t actually take me long to decide because I had already looked online. Remember what I had in Bayroot, well I had something similar – a mixed grill kebab for £9 which including chips and salad! Wow!! It made me full, the meat went a little cold because I walked back to work with this. It was good! Well seasoned and the pitta bread was not dry!! Phew!!

The second time I went there I saw that they had a deal for a chicken shawarma, chips and a drink for £5. I asked for an apple and ginger juice instead of a soft drink and they charged me an 80p which I did not mind at all.
To start off with, the shawarma wasn’t well wrapped. I think the bread was too small or maybe because I destroyed it whilst taking a picture. >_<" This was what Miss Vegan was talking about! However it smelled nice and it tasted great… very filling too!! But be careful of the sauces… it almost ruined my skirt. 😦

Chips as always was very fresh… I really liked these chips for some reason!

And the apple juice… this was much tastier than Bayroot’s… you could taste the ginger and it was cold. Woohoo! I can not fault them on this. ^_^

My geeky rating: 4.5/5 – hope this place will stay a little longer than Gusto

Good points:
– Cheaper Lebanese food
– Friendly staff
– Good use of previous restaurant’s furniture ^_^

Bad points:
– Just the poor wrapping of my shawarma but everything else was really good!

Address: 55 Denmark Hill, Camberwell, London, SE5 8RS
Tel: 0207 358 5271


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