Simple Okonomiyaki (made with Miss Money)

Two weekends ago, Mr Games, Mr Sensible and I went to visit Miss Money’s new room – basically a place with more space. We all decided (with a lot of explanation in between) on what to eat… and in the end it was one of my favourites: okonomiyaki! Savoury Japanese pancake. Did I have any in Tokyo? I don’t think I did. 😦
Well here’s just a very simple way we made it without seafood so no bonita flakes in this.
Ingredients (Miss Money bought these):
– 1 white cabbage – you only a quarter chopped finely, the hard part you can discard
– Okonomiyaki flour (you can get these in most Asian stores
– Half a red onion chopped (or use spring onions if you don’t like red onions)
– Bacon rashers or bacon strips
– 2 eggs
– 200 mls of water
– Vegetable oil
Optional ingredients:
– Cheese
– Kimchi
– Prawns
– Okonomiyaki sauce (the brown one)
– Japanese mayonnaise or normal mayonnaise 

White cabbage, okonomiyaki flour and okonomiyaki sauce

Miss Money made a mistake and bought mustard mayonnaise (because it was on sale)

Bacon rashers

I chopped up the cabbage… poor work 😛
Firstly, add the flour into a bowl, add the 2 eggs and mix. Then add the water in gradually… and mix at the same time

Add the cabbage and mix

Add the chopped red onion and keep mixing…

Next heat a frying pan, add some vegetable oil wait until it’s a bit hot… then spoon out the batter and make it into a round shape. Then add two pieces of bacon on top. Fry for 2 to 3 minutes or until golden brown.

Next flipover – you may have to do this in a swift move. ^_^ And cover with a lid. To make it cook faster on the inside, just add a little water.

And voila, remove from fying pan and place on a plate. Miss Money and I ate this one to try out. ^_^

Here’s another one we made – the second one.

Add okonomiyaki sauce first, then mayonnaise. At this point you can add bonita flakes if you like seafood.

Miss Money left me to do the cooking on the last okonomiyaki XD…

There you go… you don’t have to use the same ingredients as we did but the most important ingredient is the white cabbage! Try adding kimchi, cheese and prawns… 

Happy geeky cooking B-)

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