3D Origami – Batman Minion and Final Fantasy

Yay! I’m off for one week! That means sleep, sleep and more sleep! – That’s if I can get away with it since I have so many things to do, like, clean up and throw away things. >_<""
Well, before I start doing that I’m going to blog. A few weeks ago I went to see Minions with Mr Games and Mr Sensible and others. Miss Sensible couldn’t go but got me a discounted ticket and in return rather than paying her back I made her some 3D origami models (as repayment).
Batman Minion and normal minion

Batman Minion. He’s so cool!

Miss Money wanted more hair at the front. So picky! Had to change his eyes too!

一刀兩斷 = breakup (with a sword)

Mr Games saw that I was going to make Cloud and so he wanted a model of Squall (I actually made this before Cloud). ¬,¬” 

Well. I never thought I would make Final Fantasy models…
Business has snowed under, but will still make more models just for the fun of it!

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