Baby Knitting c(・o・)ɔ Waaaah~~~~~!

Uh. I knit. Yes. I knit (a not-so hidden skill of mine). I started from a young age and my primary school friends at the time thought I was an old granny knitting stuff… stereotypical moment. ¬,¬” I only started learning because MummyGeek was teaching Mr Stingy at the time and being a want to know it all at the time I wanted to do what Mr Stingy was doing. Sibling rivalry!!
I started knitting a bright yellow scarf. It was horrible as I increased the stitches instead of making a neat grid. 😦 But as time passed I became better at it although I did become frustrated at times because all I could do was make scarves and I even threw away my first ever knitting book – I regret that. So I bought another book called Knitty Gritty by Aneeta Patel many years ago – it was colourful compared to all the knitting books I went through. Need to get her next book!!
Baby knitting 

So as Miss Pinky is expecting soon – we’re all counting down to the final weeks, which feels like forever at the moment, it is time to do some baby stuff – this I never expected to write on my blog about! Miss Pinky was expecting me to knit her some stuff in which I said no at first… but after talking to people about knitting in general conversation and seeing knitting wool in the shop I developed an itch to do something, plus I was getting bored because I’m not getting anywhere with the 3D origami.

First thing I made were these baby mittens. It had taken me five attempts to remember how to knit one purl one. How hard is that? Not hard, I just needed to remember to put the string at the front/back. ¬,¬ sigh. Geeks get things wrong too.
Baby mittens

Next I made this baby hat – think it might be a bit too big for a new born, so hopefully when Miss Pinky’s baby is a little grown up, her head will fit into it.

Baby hat

Made this headband with some of the remaining wool using this website.

Baby Headband

Whilst writing this post, I bought the second book Knitty Gritty – The Next Steps. I had a bit more wool after making everything above but needed some more to finish this project…I made an amigurumi, a soft knitted toy which is a popular type of toy in Japan for decades before the Western world developed an interest. Wow.

My first amigurumi

Then I went back into knitting the baby boots from the first book.

Baby Boots

Hoping to make a little cardigan for Miss Pinky’s baby to match with everything above soon!

This has gotten me back into my knitting unfortunately. So watch out in the near future for more baby knit stuff or amigurumi… then eventually children and eventually adult stuff (oh deary me). 
p.s. Miss Pinky knits too – I taught her ^_^

2 thoughts on “Baby Knitting c(・o・)ɔ Waaaah~~~~~!

  1. heheh, keep trying, it gets fun once you've completed a project.I definitely recommend the Knitty Gritty book. Very colourful pictures and lots of useful hints and stuff. ^_^


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