Amigurumi Monsters

Thought I would write a separate post on this.
After making Miss Pinky’s baby an amigurumi monster I made a few more, as soon it’s Mrs Travel’s youngest daughter’s first birthday! ^_^ Plus it’s my holiday this week…
Made this pink one first. I wanted to use up chunky knit yarn which I’ve had for years and I finally got the chance to use it up! Gave this one a big one eye with odd length limbs.
I also had some black yarn. I was going to make a hat out of it but decided to pull it apart and use the yarn for something else. I think I used the wrong size needle as you can see the stuffing. Gave it some bunny ears, long arms and short legs.
Finally I made this one. Mrs Travels said Missy A (the youngest daughter) loves minions and I had this yellow yarn (the yarn is MummyGeeks which she bought it a very long, long time ago)… so I made something that resembles a minion. 
Might make a few more Christmas… this should save me a few pennies. 😉

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