Abeno Too あべの – London Great Newport Street

Hmmm, okonomiyaki… After cooking at Miss Money’s place we all decided to try out Abeno Too. I’ve already tried out Abeno in Bloomsbury so now we’re trying out the one near Leicester Square.
Miss Money, Mr Games, Mr Sensible and I met up last week to eat a proper version of okonomiyaki. It took a little while for us to get a table but we waited sensibly outside looking at the menu and chatting away like we haven’t seen each other in a while. 

Finally we were seated. This place is a little smaller than the one in Bloomsbury, you also put your bags into the wooden seats, which I found fascinating as I’ve not seen a restaurant with that idea. We sat and waited for a while for a waiter to come and serve as as we already made our minds up on which okonomiyaki to try out. 
The waiter started making our okonomiyaki but dropped the first one he was making which was Mr Sensible’s. XD LOL!! Oh dear.
After a long while of cooking our super deluxe okonomiyaki – same method as we had done at Miss Money’s, it was time to eat. The waiter added the sauces and the dried bonita flakes on top, I remember in the Bloomsbury one the waitress had cut up my pancake, but in this place they don’t… Not consistent…

I had the spicy naniwa which contains pork slices and kimchi. It came with a special sauce but it tasted good with the okonomiyaki brown sauce and mayo.

I had the spicy naniwa

 Not sure how the others liked theirs but they seemed to enjoy it!

I think Mr Sensible had the London Mix

Mr Games had the London Mix as well… I think…

Miss Money’s Osaka Mix
We were all full. ^_^
Total cost came to around £80. Expensive for pancakes. Mr Games and I concluded that we liked the ones Miss Money and I made because we could taste the cabbage.
My geeky rating: 4/5
Good points:
– Love the seats
– Sauces are left for you to keep spreading over the top of your pancake
Bad points:
– Long wait for service 
– A little expensive for savoury pancakes!

Address: 17-18 Great Newport Street, London WC2H 7JE
Tel: 020-7379-1160

After eating here, we headed to Paul Bakery in Covent Garden and had dessert. ^_^

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