DC Superheroes Origami Book Review

Once summer is out I become a lazy blogger ¬,¬”” … 
Wow. This is the first time I’ve done a book review on origami. Not just any origami book but a DC Super Heroes origami book by John Montroll under the company Curious Fox. (^_^)v
Got the book in the post. It’s quite a big book with 46 DC comic designs, 256 pages plus an extra 96 sheets of illustrated origami paper at the back. John Montroll is a famous American origamist who has published more than 40 books around the world. He’s pretty famous for his single square usage, folds and making sure there’s no cuts or glue used in his designs. Phew. All the illustrations are by Min Sung Ku who is as American illustrator.
DC Superheroes Origami by John Montroll

Back of the book
There are four collections of models in this book.
Contents page
I flicked through the book and some of the designs looked quite hard. So I tried a few of the easy ones…Make sure you tear the paper out carefully as the paper is light and it can easily rip.

Each design has a little background history of the character, symbol or weapon.

The paper is at the back. I could admire the designs all day long!

Some of the designs in the book.

The levels are starred to indicate difficulty level.

Daily Planet Building – this was easy but then I had to do some squash folds at the top which I couldn’t do properly.

Wonder Woman’s Tiara – this was definitely easy!!
Green Lantern symbol was easy but I believe I used the wrong side of the paper. ¬_¬””
Storm is Aquaman’s seahorse. I think I did this correctly but then I got to the tail and thought I was using the wrong side of the paper… The head was difficult to fold.
Then I tried a difficult three star fold – Robin, Batman’s sidekick. This was too hard for me. 😦 I got lost after fold 12 and 13. I think I need Mr Montroll to come and teach me. >_< Heheh.

Unable to finish Robin
Will try more of the difficult designs later.
Good points:
– Something to do when you’re bored
– Some fun designs and models
Bad points:
– Where do you buy the paper in case you want to make more?
– The difficult models are for the expert origamists
Release date: September 10th 2015
Price: £12.99
ISBN: 9781782021582 
Publisher: Curious Fox
Have fun folding!! ^_^

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