Wimbledon Stadium Dog Racing – a fun night out ^_^

August is the time when I slow down with blogging. Everyone just goes on holiday, but fortunately some don’t. ^_^
It was Mr Picky’s Birthday a week ago and had invited a bunch of us to go to Wimbledon Stadium to watch some dog racing (tickets purchased via Groupon, so I don’t know how much the tickets were). Some of us went via Waterloo to Wimbledon Station, then we had to take a bus 493 which is located on Alexandra Road, (turn right from the station, turn right from HSBC and cross the road). 
We got off a few stops early… Mr Picky wanted to smoke. ¬,¬”” (a habit that will stop – hopefully).
Well, we got there – late (Mr Picky was aiming for 5pm… Miss Pinky was a little peed off with him as we got there after 6pm, heheh), got our free drink and then I got a burger later in the evening…
I never knew these friends of mine liked to gamble… I always thought it was the older generation (my parent’s generation). Well, I guess in life we’re all gamblers!!

I did make a few bets, won twice but lost a few. Didn’t win a lot. £7 in total. >_<" Better than nothing I suppose.

It was a good night out (yesterday)! I would love to go to a horse race one day… get the adrenaline pumping!!

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