Seoul Bakery/Cafe is Back!! – London Great Russell Street

Oh yes! Seoul Bakery/Cafe is back! But will they be changing their name to something different?
Yesterday was their grand opening and I absolutely wanted to join in and re-see happy faces eating Korean food in this tiny cafe. I walked past the cafe twice as there was no sign on top of the shop (which I think will be up soon). I practically walked up to the British Museum! ¬_¬”
Well I crossed over the road, counted the door numbers and found number 14 Great Russell Street. It looks small inside and only seating up to 15 people, whereas in the old cafe there were only seats up to 13 people. 2 extra seats is good enough!

The place looks similar to the previous one but of course with bare walls. So the first thing I did was write on the wall!! Whoopee. I can’t do this stuff at home or work so at least I had the freedom to write on someone else’s wall. ^_^ 
This is what I had… menu is practically the same. They had no cold noodles so I had to order something different.

I had iced coffee… and for some reason this tasted good, better than the last time I had it!
Pancakes came out first… I actually ordered one with cheese on top, so I think this was someone else’s… Indeed I had someone else’s pancakes and took the other one home as takeaway. 😛 Pancakes are of same consistency.
So instead of cold noodles, I had the beef thin noodles. With yesterday’s heat I think I could handle this as this wasn’t spicy… It was hot… the soup was good, clear and just had the right flavour. 🙂 … You know what, I want these metal bowls for cooking… where can I find them?

Total cost came to £24.15, the waiter took off £1 but I thought there was no need so I added an extra pound to cover costs… service was a bit slow but that didn’t really matter. As long as I got my food!!
Not bothering to add good and bad points or geeky rates as you know this place is a great for the Korean fans!! ^_^
p.s. It’s cash only 

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