Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2015!

Once again it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival to celebrate the full moon (using the Chinese moon calendar 8th month, 15th day 八月十五). As well as eating mooncakes most Asian countries will bring out paper or plastic lanterns and go out walking with them. The plastic lanterns are safe but we got a free paper lantern from See Woo Supermarket, so I started playing with it…

I didn’t have a small candle so I used a bigger candle and let the lantern sit on the table. >_<" Heheh.

Remember to take take care when using Chinese paper lanterns! And enjoy the festival!! ^_^ China Town is filled with lanterns once again!!

Simple Roast Pork Belly

Did you know that the roast pork belly you see in the windows of a Chinese restaurant is very, very easy to make? It doesn’t take a genius to put this all together.
This is another recipe from my geeky parents (they’re of course not as geeky as me).
– Pork Belly (any size) – you might be lucky to find this in your local supermarket, if not I suggest going to the butchers for a nice cut
– Salt
– Char siu sauce (or hoisin sauce … or anything you like i.e. bbq sauce, plum sauce or add Chinese five spices…)
– teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice (optional)

1. You can do this part at any stage of the preparation. If you have either a boneless pork belly or one with bones you will need to cut the under part length ways ensuring that the skin at the top stays intact.

2. Next using a fork, preferably one that is long, poke the skin. You need to make a lot of holes in that skin so imagine you’re poking someone you really, really hate. Some Chinese people like using a device called a poker – so if you one of those then I suggest you use that. DaddyGeek recommended using kitchen scissors… it’s really up to you on how you poke!

This picture is not clear, but it should look like it’s been poked a lot!

3. You can do this part last, but for some reason I chose to this part next… Add the sauce of your choice at the base of the pork belly. Make sure you add the sauce into the parts you had cut earlier. Spread evenly and make sure none of it gets onto the skin.

4. Place a metal plate or an oven safe dish on top of a baking rack + tray.

5. Flip over the pork belly and place on top of the metal plate.

6. This part you can do after the poking… add lots of salt onto the skin. Rub it throughout the skin as if you’re having a sea salt scrub ^_^

At this point you can add a splash of vinegar of lemon juice to give it some extra crispiness. Add more salt and scrub that skin! Then leave for 3 hours so that the skin dries before roasting.

7. Preheat oven to the highest gas mark. Then put in the pork belly. Roast the “left side” for 20 minutes then switch and roast the “right side” for a further 20 minutes.

You should hopefully have a crispy top… unfortunately this didn’t dry too well… but tasted good!!

Of course I had some for dinner!!!! ^___^

This was my second attempt… still didn’t get that really crispy skin texture…. Maybe third time lucky????

Simple enough? I think it is…

Geeky Bento Lunches – Onigirazu おにぎらず

Oh, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a bento post.
Someone commented on my blog that I should make rice balls for my bento. I’m too lazy for that. ¬_¬” soooooo, I looked up Japanese rice ball fillings and ended up looking at this article about Japanese onigirazu おにぎらず… Wow a rice ball that was popular back in the  mid-1980’s from a Japanese manga “Cooking Papa” and has now made a comeback in Japan.
Sugoi! すごい!(Sorry, been watching a lot of Japanese dramas lately – trying to up my slang!). I had a look at some YouTube videos and came across one which I liked (will post this at the end).
This was my first try – Miss Vegan’s fried tofu which was smothered in soy sauce and some gem lettuce… Really don’t know what vegans like to eat, but fried tofu was top choice! She liked it but I think the rice was undercooked. Whoops! I did tell her before she ate it.


Mine was filled with lots of different ingredients… one had fried chicken pieces, kimchi, gem lettuce… and the other had tofu, kimchi and chicken. I put a lot of colour into mine… and I was stuffed!


The next evening I made more… this time I cooked the rice properly, added chicken pieces, ham slices, kimchi, mayo and cheese slices! Yeah, cheese slices! I never knew how good processed cheese tasted with rice. Amazing stuff!!! ^_^


I hope to make a few more in the future… maybe add fried egg and spam. ^_^v

Here’s the video I was talking about…


Up & Go Poster Ad – continued

I’m actually quite sad to say that the new Up & Go poster is really boring 😦 
The amount of controversy it caused earlier in the year has made them come back with a new entire image. 
Gone with the models and the big slogan of Aussies Suck (which has now converted into smaller writing) and in with the actual product stating it is “Australia’s No. 1 Breakfast Drink”, (which probably isn’t)… 
Up & Go give it another go in the UK :p
Do Australian’s really drink this stuff? I heard it doesn’t taste nice… I think I would rather eat porridge!

ALDI Poster Ad – Best in the British Aisles

Hahahahah!! This caught my eye today after work. ^_^ 
ALDI are so fun when they’re showing off to the rest of the supermarkets. It seems it’s the UK’s best supermarket surveyed by Which? 4th time in a row as well! Wow! An efficient German supermarket.
Maybe they are the “Best in the British Aisles”, LOL! Do you get the joke? … 

… Usage of Aisles in place of Isles… :p

Bone Daddies – London Soho, Peter Street

Heheheh, as a Londoner and a big ramen fan I think it was about time I went to Bone Daddies and see what all the fuss is about. I think nearly every ramen lover in London has been here at least once. Really? 
Bone Daddies is situated in the back streets of Soho and I did manage to get lost because I went a different way that I never usually go through. I finally found it using Google Maps. Silly Geek!
Bone Daddies – Peter St
The place is big, not like a very typical Japanese ramen bar, very retro looking with modern music pumping out. The part that looks like a ramen bar is the condiments left on the window sill. They also leave plastic bibs out in case you start slurping too much and spilling all your soup around.

I already knew what I wanted! Tonkotsu ramen and fried chicken! (Yeah, I read the menu before I went >_<").
Tonkotsu ramen and fried chicken
The fried chicken is boneless which is what I wanted thankfully. Too bad there were no sauces that came with it but it went well with the soup as the chicken was a bit salty and the creamy soup disintegrated the saltiness. The taste of the lemon juice also went well with the fried chicken. ^_^
The tonkotsu ramen came with all the bits I wanted, egg, chashu pieces and veggie bits. I was in heaven. The broth is not as creamy as the one in Kanada-ya but it passed my tastebuds. Ramen was not overcooked and I enjoyed it for every moment this lasted. I tried to tempt the people outside with my ramen eating… I love doing that – it makes people hungry, heheh! 😀
There’s another piece of egg under the chashu!

Didn’t finish the soup because I had no space in my stomach. Heheh. Maybe next time. I can now see why people come here! The prices are reasonable and the ramen is spot on!
Total came to £20.25 which included service charge and an optional donation to a charity they’re supporting.
My geeky rating: 5/5
Good points:
– Polite service
– Spacious modern ramen bar
– Love the ramen and fried chicken
– Reasonable prices
Bad points:
– I can’t think of any really… ^_^

p.s. I found JP Bookstore!! Couldn’t believe it was just there so I bought a couple of gifts for Mr Bear’s upcoming birthday. ^_^

p.p.s. As much as I love Green Day I just felt that American Idiot the musical was f-ing BORING!! Sorry. Bad language. 😛

Update 08/11/2015
Miss Pinky and I went to Bone Daddies on a Friday evening without Baby B in tow… and it was very, very busy! This time I tried out the curry ramen… It was AMAZING!! Better than Shoryu in fact. The chicken didn’t taste like it just came out of the fridge… Heheheh. Miss Pinky enjoyed the tonkotsu ramen and she said it was the closest she had since going to Tokyo (I guess she didn’t like Kanada-ya then). 

Curry Ramen – the chillis are not hot by the way

Eat Drink Love Italian: Milano EXPOsed – Old Spitalfields Market

^_^ Was happy to be approached by Rochester PR Group again this year (I think my blog is getting a bit dry from the summer weather). This time I was invited to an Italian event for Eat Drink Love Italian where they were introducing the food and culture of Milan. That’s why the event is called Milano EXPOsed. Interesting! I’ve always wanted to go to Italy but I guess this is the next best thing. 
This was a two day event on September 3rd and 4th, so I went on the 3rd.

At the event I introduced myself to Jo from the PR team and we worked ourselves to the bar… I got a free drink from the bar Vini Italiani – a wine bar/shop based in Old Brompton Road. 😉

Aperol Spritz – first time trying!
Next I roamed around looking for food to eat – was quite hungry as I’ve only been eating salads at lunch for the whole week. 😦 

So first I tried out was this ragu from Etnacoffee. It was heated up and I opened it up…

Woooow… this looked amazing! Think I was in heaven when I saw what was inside… risotto, cheese and just a lot of fattening ingredients (with a few veggies). This was quite filling.

Etnacoffee is based in Victoria. I’m going to try and find this place and eat more!
After eating this, I went to explore the other stalls… I wasn’t too keen on the drinks – although I bet the wines and other drinks are spectacular… 

Jools – European version of bubble tea

I managed to go up where the DJ was (I wasn’t on the guest list, but asked if I could take a quick shot)…
DJ area for the VIP guests

Aerial shot of the event ^_^
In the end I went to one stall thinking that I could get a free sample but unfortunately didn’t. 😦 

Look at those pastries! They are so cute and look very appetizing.

Pastries from Doppiozero 

 Italian boats of food…

So I paid £4 for this sample of food which is typical Italian food. This is from the company Delicatezza an online pantry that obviously sell Italian food and drink products. 
And paid £4 for these 2 little pastries. Expensive. I know, but it was worth it. These pastries tasted awesome… The one with the mixed fruit and custard is just amazing! Doppiozero is the awesome company who made these. They are an Italian catering company, so you can order these online and they’ll be delivered to your door.  They offer their services for events, parties and office lunches.
Hmmm… after this event I want to go and explore more Italian food places. I wonder if my Italian colleagues/friends know about the ones I’ve mentioned above…