Bone Daddies – London Soho, Peter Street

Heheheh, as a Londoner and a big ramen fan I think it was about time I went to Bone Daddies and see what all the fuss is about. I think nearly every ramen lover in London has been here at least once. Really? 
Bone Daddies is situated in the back streets of Soho and I did manage to get lost because I went a different way that I never usually go through. I finally found it using Google Maps. Silly Geek!
Bone Daddies – Peter St
The place is big, not like a very typical Japanese ramen bar, very retro looking with modern music pumping out. The part that looks like a ramen bar is the condiments left on the window sill. They also leave plastic bibs out in case you start slurping too much and spilling all your soup around.

I already knew what I wanted! Tonkotsu ramen and fried chicken! (Yeah, I read the menu before I went >_<").
Tonkotsu ramen and fried chicken
The fried chicken is boneless which is what I wanted thankfully. Too bad there were no sauces that came with it but it went well with the soup as the chicken was a bit salty and the creamy soup disintegrated the saltiness. The taste of the lemon juice also went well with the fried chicken. ^_^
The tonkotsu ramen came with all the bits I wanted, egg, chashu pieces and veggie bits. I was in heaven. The broth is not as creamy as the one in Kanada-ya but it passed my tastebuds. Ramen was not overcooked and I enjoyed it for every moment this lasted. I tried to tempt the people outside with my ramen eating… I love doing that – it makes people hungry, heheh! 😀
There’s another piece of egg under the chashu!

Didn’t finish the soup because I had no space in my stomach. Heheh. Maybe next time. I can now see why people come here! The prices are reasonable and the ramen is spot on!
Total came to £20.25 which included service charge and an optional donation to a charity they’re supporting.
My geeky rating: 5/5
Good points:
– Polite service
– Spacious modern ramen bar
– Love the ramen and fried chicken
– Reasonable prices
Bad points:
– I can’t think of any really… ^_^

p.s. I found JP Bookstore!! Couldn’t believe it was just there so I bought a couple of gifts for Mr Bear’s upcoming birthday. ^_^

p.p.s. As much as I love Green Day I just felt that American Idiot the musical was f-ing BORING!! Sorry. Bad language. 😛

Update 08/11/2015
Miss Pinky and I went to Bone Daddies on a Friday evening without Baby B in tow… and it was very, very busy! This time I tried out the curry ramen… It was AMAZING!! Better than Shoryu in fact. The chicken didn’t taste like it just came out of the fridge… Heheheh. Miss Pinky enjoyed the tonkotsu ramen and she said it was the closest she had since going to Tokyo (I guess she didn’t like Kanada-ya then). 

Curry Ramen – the chillis are not hot by the way

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