Bone Daddies Shackfuyu – London Old Compton Street

9 more granny squares to go! Speeding up now! ^_^
I had planned to go and watch Romeo and Juliet the ballet version a month ago, so a couple of days ago the day had come, but before the performance The Geek had to eat.
I went out drinking with my soon to be ex-colleagues (but of course we’ll be in touch – we’re like a close knit family) at the beginning of the week… you must wonder why my workplace has a high number of turnovers – well that’s for you to guess. ¬_¬”” Anyway, one of these ex-colleagues/friend who I will call Mr IronMan (the triathalon thingy he likes, not the superhero) was telling me about green tea ice cream that he had had with some of his female friends at Bone Daddies Shackfuyu (but he couldn’t remember the name of the dish). In the end I ended up googling about this ice cream he enjoyed… So before the ballet, I trekked towards Charing Cross Road and had to switch between buses during the journey, humph.
Bone Daddies Shackfuyu

Bone Daddies Shackfuyu is on Old Compton Street. It’s actually a Japanese fusion pop up restaurant that opened this year in the winter, and will close next winter (now turning permanent for some reason). So limited time people, limited time! Shackfuyu is a play on words where they have joined two words together – “shack” meaning a rough, ready space and “fuyu” 冬 meaning winter in Japanese.

I was greeted by nice staff and thankfully I beat the queue because it started to get busy after 6pm. I kind of already knew what I wanted (because as always I look online at the menu apart from the drinks)… so this is what I had…
The menus

First came out was my drink, the Okinawa Sunset – a mocktail. This was citrusy and sour.

Okinawa Sunset Mocktail

DIY pouring

A few moments later my food came out…

My food – post mixing my hot pot… itadakimasu!

Hot stone rice (basically a bibimbap) came out second and the waiter that was serving this started to mix it (it’s not his fault – that’s what they are told to do)… Do they not know that bibimbaps are supposed to be mixed by the customer! Argh! Take Korean food classes!!! Well I politely requested that I mixed it (although I rudely said you’ve ruined it – with a smile – the Japanese way)… I could mainly see the sweetcorn, mushrooms, seaweed, bits of beef and the carrots… it had a sweet vinegary taste – I felt like it was never going to end. It’s too bad they never offered any gochujang paste or was that already in there?

Hot stone rice

Next came out was the prawn toast okonomiyaki. It came with mayonnaise but I completely forgot about it. This dish is amazing. It’s presented like an okonomiyaki but inside it’s actually a prawn toast. Wonderful. 

Prawn toast okonomiyaki

It’s definitely prawn toast!

And the aubergine which came in a sweet miso paste dressing, bubu arare (crispy puffed rice pellets) and shredded nori. This was to die for! The paste reminded me of hoisin sauce and the aubergine was cooked perfectly. ^_^

gochisosama deshita!!

Last but not least was the green tea ice cream, which in fact called the Kinako French toast. The ice cream was clearly not the highlight of the dessert but the French toast. ¬_¬” Thanks Mr IronMan for not remembering this. So kinako きな粉 means roasted soybean flour, this was sprinkled all over the French toast which is amazingly sweet. The green tea ice cream (which needs more green tea flavouring) toned down the sweetness of the toast. Hmmm, great combination! ^_^

Kinako French Toast

Total came to £35.20. A little expensive for a pop up restaurant but I guess they have to make the most of it since it won’t be staying for too long (…for real, this place is going to permanently stay!). 

My geeky rating: 4.5/5
Good points:
– Very polite service – I think they were a bit too eager though…
– Food was definitely filling – just don’t order too much
– Funky music (ok they played the CSI NY theme song, which I love so much)
Bad points:
– A tad expensive
– Don’t mix the hot stone rice! Ask the customer first!

Address: 14a Old Compton Street, London W1D 4TJ
Tel: 020 7734 7492


p.s. there is a hidden bar below the restaurant which I have not seen.

p.p.s. don’t forget to go before it closes next winter (I think in 2016) 

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