Romeo and Juliet Ballet @ The Royal Opera House

Haven eaten a lot of food at Bone Daddies Shackfuyu I was hoping not to fall asleep for this performance of Romeo and Juliet the ballet… It took me a 15 minute walk from Old Compton Street to Bow Street in Covent Garden – I’m a fast walker (thankfully I could walk!). ^_^
It’s been a couple of decades or so since I last went to The Royal Opera House and that was to see The Nutcracker! I have always wanted to watch Romeo and Juliet the ballet version mostly because of the music, the dancing and of course the story line… I was on the website for a while looking for a fairly good seat and for a good price. I think I was lucky to stumble upon a seat that had it all!

When you enter the Royal Opera House you can see some of the costumes being displayed in the cabinets.

I sat in the Stall Circle Right area – Row A, which I think is one of the best views in the house! But I had to sit sideways so my neck was hurting a little… Thankfully the people sitting on my right moved up a seat by Act 3 and so I had more leg room! 
Sometimes the dancers would move out of focus so I couldn’t see some parts of the scenes.

The performance was amazing by the way, and I didn’t fall asleep, although I did yawn in between the three acts. The way the dancers performed and how they told the story was funny and tragic at the same time. Act 1 sword fight is one of my favourite scenes and also this scene… Dance of the Knights! ^___^ Just a beautiful performance!

Hope to see more ballet – for a good price of course!


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