Granny Square Nightmare! へ(´д`へ) 口口口

Crochet. Why did I start learning to crochet?!!! ლ (#`ロ^;)>

And now I have started to learn how to make granny squares (this was after talking to Miss Pinky who wants a blanket for Baby B…  I was already thinking about it!)… And with the power of YouTube videos I started learning. Started off with a British video, but the woman went a bit too fast for me, so I switched to an American who went really slow – thank you!! My first granny square was awful… :p
My first ever granny square

Eventually I knew what I was doing and went for a pattern that was in this book which is almost the same as the one in the video.

2nd version – a better one!

After 4-5 weeks, 100 granny squares (with some small mistakes and two confused coloured rows) and a border later (need to make another round of this border), making it 101 squares,..

100 granny squares in a bag

So many to join together

 I made this lovely blanket…

Made a mistake somewhere…

Have to tidy the back

I even spotted the mistake I made with the two rows that had double colours. Spot the difference? ^_^

so where did I go wrong?

tidied up the back!!
I’m going to increase the border every year so the blanket is going to get bigger and bigger for Baby B. Maybe one day I’ll teach her how to crochet too!!
But this has been crochet torture!! I think I want one for myself now! Just a small one for the cold days to cover my legs – and a different version. ^_^

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