The Baby Show 2015 – London Kensington Olympia

Never thought I would ever end up at a baby show with Miss Pinky and Baby B. I’ve taken the week off because 1. it’s half term week, 2. I need a break from work and make my colleagues suffer a bit and 3. spend more time with Baby B and Miss Pinky.
It’s an awfully long time since I’ve gone out on an outing with Miss Pinky and it’s my first time out with Baby B. Apparently she’s been out nearly every day! She’s going out more than me, humph. 😦 I want my freedom!!
During the weekend there was a baby show in Kensington Olympia, so we hopped onto the Jubilee Line, then took the District Line to Earls Court and changed again to Kensington Olympia. The show was just outside the station. I had already bought the tickets online (the discounted ones… kept looking for discount codes!) and we went in… 

At the baby show

First off Miss Pinky got a goody bag for £5… but she said it wasn’t worth it because most of the things in the bag were free samples…

Goody bag isn’t worth it

Then we had some food… expensive food costing up to almost £14. Miss Pinky had a sausage roll – but that wasn’t worth taking a picture of.

handheld pizza and a flat white coffee

Gosh, there were so many expectant parents looking for toys, prams doing photo shoots, baby bottle things etc, etc. You name it! Never thought I would be surrounded by so many pregnant women!!

A pram that would have impressed Mr Picky

There were even shows and models showing off clothes and prams…

Models showing off some expensive prams

Unfortunately I didn’t get to picture enough of the event, I was hot, and pushing the pram… plus Miss Pinky and I swapped with holding Baby B, which made people think I was the mother. ^_^ Oh dear!! I am the Geeky Godmother!!! We spent a good 2-3 hours there when we thought we’ll be there for an hour.

Well just imagine you were in a market and there were loads of stalls about… 
The Baby Show happens every year but in different areas, so don’t forget to go if you want to look for discounted sterilizers and other things… but don’t get too carried away like Miss Pinky did. 😀 We’ll be going again according to Miss Pinky!

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