Pizza Union – London King’s Cross

Back to work boooo!
Now I’ve started reminiscing about last week’s food fest. I had a lot of sugar and fat. ^_^ Happy Geek!!
Last week I went out again with Miss Pinky with Baby B who went out to see her colleagues… don’t panic she ain’t going back to work just yet. We arrived at King’s Cross (where I rarely go to) just in time before the lunch rush. Took a seat at Pizza Union quickly, parked the buggy and Miss Pinky and her colleague queued quickly to order the pizzas.
Pizza Union in King’s Cross
Wow… The queues went outside the door! This place is very popular for the workers in the King’s Cross area.
So you actually get one of the light up flashing gadgets to say when your food is ready… and our food took a few moments. So Miss Pinky and her colleague(s) started to catch up. 
The gadget flashed up and Miss Pinky and I went to get the pizzas amongst the sea of people already seated. >_<""
I think this is the Funghi pizza that Miss Pinky’s colleague had.

Miss Pinky had the Carne pizza, which is quite meaty!

And I had the Vesuvio pizza. Ummm!! I love the stringy cheese, and I added extra chilli oil which made it extra spicy (I thought the oil was pizza oil which I usually have when I’m with Mr and Mrs Travels ¬_¬””). I’m a geek, I make mistakes too. The pizza is very good, very thin, nothing like Pizza Express and Pizza Hut and boring frozen pizzas. Very Italian as you can see they don’t use a pizza pan from the rough circular edges. 

Total came to around £21 including drinks. That’s really good for 3 people! Around £7 each. ^_^

My geeky rating: 5/5
Good points:
– Very reasonable pizza prices!!
– Good seating
– Service can’t really comment on (I’m sure Miss Pinky can tell me one day.
Bad points
– Have to get your own pizzas in the midst of surrounding bodies
Address: 246-250 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JY
Tel: 020 7278 9425
It’s Guy Fawkes night tonight. It was raining earlier so not many neighbours out tonight displaying their beautiful fireworks… Lots of firework displays are on during this weekend and there’s a possibility that I might go out and watch some pretty fireworks… we’ll see if I’m in the mood for a cold night out!

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