Waitrose Christmas Advert 2015

Aaaaand the Christmas adverts have started. Ugh. Christmas countdowns should be banned until December 1st!
Well, let’s start off with a nice advert from Waitrose. The ad starts off with the narrator asking “What is it that makes Christmas, Christmas?” – My answer: humour, food and music, plus family and friends… and the fact that we’re celebrating Jesus’s birth and escape from The King of Nazareth… Too much info? 
Here they’re using a Cab Calloway song called “Everybody Eats When They Come To My House”, which is quite a classy tune. There’s a lot of cooking in this advert and end products. It doesn’t make my mouth water though… Lots of Christmasy foods. ^_^

This is a very classic Christmas advert from Waitrose. I liked last year’s one, it was more emotional…

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