Paypal Christmas Advert 2015 – "No Presents"

Lots of Christmas adverts are quite traditional, but Paypal makes it all different this year. This is actually the first time I’ve seen a Christmas advert from them!
It starts off with two young brothers who are worried about their parents not buying Christmas presents, no bags in the hands of their father and no grandparents coming to look after them. What was funny was when the older brother said to the younger brother was that he could have anything from his side of the room which was a wooden aeroplane. Then the older brother snatched it back after seeing that there are in fact presents under the Christmas tree!! Lol!! 
Paypal is the best and easiest way of paying for goods online…

I’m actually really, really surprised that there’s actually been a whole fuss about this advert. I actually love it. Children will in the end discover that the real Santa Clause / Father Christmas existed back in the old days in the European countries and doesn’t fly on a wooden sleigh with Rudolph the red nose reindeer. And don’t forget Father Christmas never appeared in the Bible… it’s a fantasy people! 

I’m a killjoy!! :p

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