Currys Christmas Adverts – "Spare the Act"

Exhausted? Yes I am! After two days of non-stop working and trying to stop myself from making a bad scene in meetings I need a one month break… Not really, just joking.
What I need is a funny, cringing advert to learn how to accept gifts without looking disappointed and also getting top tips from Jeff Goldblum who takes on several situations…
The husband and wife situation where the wife is disappointed in getting a baked beans jigsaw puzzle… Lol! Keep watching.

Just suck up to the chef people… that’s the only way you can show less of your disappointment to the person who cooked it. Heheheheh.

Don’t you wish you had an old TV to watch black and white films? Naaah.

The husband who gets foot talc… >_<" (I would be disappointed at getting this sort of stuff).

The office boy and boss situation… Just don’t embarrass yourself in front of your colleagues!!

I just love these adverts, so I even watched the outtakes. ^_^

Just don’t forget to shop at Currys this Christmas!!

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