Scandinavian Christmas Market 2015 – London Rotherhithe

Ok, so it’s been a few years since Miss Pinky and I went to the Scandinavian Christmas Market in Rotherhithe (since 2012!) and so it was time to go again! 
It was a nightmare getting there, so much traffic and we had to stop a few times to make sure Baby B was wrapped up warm. A few years back it was cold and raining and not a lot of people went… This year was surprisingly different. A lot of people were there and there seemed to be a lot of tents up. What happened over the past few years? People boom? Good weather (although we had a bit of snow yesterday morning)? 

Miss Pinky and I decided to split for a bit, so I made my way to the church… I was disappointed with some of the people who thought Miss Pinky was pushing in the queue whilst going into the church… I queued and bought her ticket folks (ticket is £1 per person)! For goodness sake, be nice people. These days I’m really conscious of those who are not sympathetic to mothers in public… Miss Pinky pays her taxes, works her hardest for the society and what does she get? Nothing in return. 😦

We were there for 10 minutes, and left without buying anything. A bit expensive to our liking.
I remembered a few years back there was a tiny hall with lots of stalls and tables… I didn’t see that this year, maybe because we missed it…?
Anyway, if you do go today or anytime in the future, DO NOT bring a pram. It’s not the best place for mothers with a young baby. Lots of items are expensive like the sweets and chocolates costing from £4 to £7 in the church, yep, that expensive. Clothes (the stalls and church) were understandably expensive – it was as if you were going into designer stores! Anyway, I think most people went for the food and drink… try out if you dare!! ^_^
A good half an hour spent in the market. Phew!

Then off to a photoshoot in a pub (??) which Mr Picky never got to and so Miss Pinky and Baby B did it themselves… I had a white wine spritzer in the meantime and made myself a little tipsy. Woohoo!

Miss Pinky and Baby B ^_^

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p.s. It’s Miss Pinky’s birthday today! Happy Birthday Miss Pinky!! ^_^