Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2015 – London Tobacco Dock

It’s time for another Hyper Japan event!! The Christmas event!! Woohoo.
Never got to go last year because Miss Pinky and I landed on the weekend it was happening on. So we were already Japanned out from our flight. ^_^
This year I HAD to go! My fourth Hyper Japan. It’s in a smaller arena called Tobacco Dock – a place I have never been to before. London has so many little corners I’ve never been to! Well, the queue was not bad that morning. Got a wrist band because I bought a dual ticket but because I wasn’t priority I still had to queue in the normal queue to get in! ¬_¬” Well, we moved quite swiftly compared to the summer one. 🙂

So here it goes, lots and lots of pictures… Meet you peeps at the second half of the session, which is further down…

matcha bubble tea from Milk Tea Pearl

 Can’t believe there was a Maid Cafe!! ^_^ LOL!!

Gosh! Fashion show was EXTREMELY crowded!! I moved towards the centre back after the anime directors did there Q&A’s.

Minori – Japanese lolita fashion designer!!

Stood on my chair to get a pic of this!! ¬_¬””



Second half started in the coooold! Had to go back out and start queuing again… This time because I had the yellow wrist band I was given priority to go back in… Woohoo!! ^_^ Happy Geek!! BUT we still had to wait until 3.45 pm before the second half actually started… Boooo!!!

So at 3.45 pm we all were allowed back in, I was hungry again so I went off to find food… Was not impressed by chicken katsu burger served by some Cantonese speakers… ¬_¬”” but I did like the mango bubble tea… should’ve went to have a donburi at the opposite stall…

Time to go and watch more entertainment!! These ninjas are funny!!

Time for the cosplay parade… Some of the audience was telling those standing in the aisles to move or sit down as those with seats could not see… Ugh… Maybe they should’ve built a mini stadium…

Unfortunately the peeps moved so quickly that it was very hard to take pictures of them…

And finally the person Japanese band I was awaiting to see all day (I actually heard them rehearsing in the morning)… Ladybaby!!!! They are a YouTube phenomenon!! Ladybeard (real name: Rick Magarey) who is an Australian Wrestler and is a 5 year old here who sings heavy metal with two cute teenagers Rei Kuromiya and Rie Kaneko (who unfortunately was not able to make this weekend due to a family situation)… ^_^


Ladybeard and Rei Kuromiya

Rei Kuromiya

So after the cosplay and mini Ladybaby concert I decided to brave the cold and stand in the line to Meet and Greet them! Stood in a what was presumed a spiral line with a  bunch of eager beavers also wanting pictures… Make sure you purchase photos, a raffle or t-shirts to be able to take a picture with them!!! I purchased pictures worth £10 (5 in a pack) at the front…

Arrrgh! I hugged them both!!! And Ladybeard says I have a cute London accent! Awwwww, so kawaiiiiii!!!! I spoke to Rei in Japanese (konbanwa and arigatou gozaimasu) – she looked a bit bemused… They both looked tired and I saw Rei pout. Awwww, not long to go. One more afternoon to entertain!!

Mr Stingy informed me it’s Rei-chan’s birthday today (Sunday 29th Nov). Happy Birthday Rei-chan!!! ^_^ … Realised all three members of Ladybaby are all Sagittarians! LOL!! No wonder!!

Picture on my camera ^_^
In the end, after braving the cold, I went around one last time… I bought some ice cream, and I’m sure there was wasabi flavour, unfortunately I was too late and missed the wasabi flavour. 😦 I bought the espresso flavour, which is awesome and better than the Haagen Dazs coffee one, and I tried out the ginger one, which was sweet. ^_^ £2 a pot, and it didn’t melt as much as I thought it would… Turned all mousse like when I got home…

In the end I spent £67.50… I kept tabs on myself so as not to overspend like a crazy geek who wanted everything!
Journey home was a nightmare by the way… I had to change buses about three times before I got home. Humph!!
My brother Mr Stingy is there right now… So only a few hours to go before it ends,.. I might go next year if I’m not on another holiday. ^_^

Website: http://hyperjapan.co.uk/

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