Supermarket Christmas Adverts 2015

Ok, back to the Christmas adverts for the moment but there’s just too many to go through!!! So I’m going to stick most of the supermarket ones here in this post before I move onto the next bunch of adverts for this year.

Morrisons – “Handmade Right Here”
This year is a little boring from Morrisons. I guess they had spent too much on advertising on previous years using celebs. This year, Morrisons expresses that they make everything in their stores. Yeah, that’s true! A little girl in the end expresses her love and gratitude to her mother by writing a special message on a Christmas cake… Food isn’t making my mouth water and the advert is just really simple with their message…

Lidl – “Lidl School of Christmas”

Lidl tries something different this year. I’ve actually watched it a few times, and it makes it giggle each time I watch it. A few “teachers” here teach you the art of Christmas by preparing their students on how to cook, give tips on opening presents, how to be a santa and how to untangle those menacing fairy lights that were stored away from last year! Heheheh. It’s a funny ad but not much Lidl input (product wise). 

ALDI – “#AldiFavouriteThings”

Oi oi! Aldi have made an interesting food ad this year featuring Jade Williams singing “Favourite Things”! The shots coincide with the song in time (very important!), the food looks great and the little graphics like the moving reindeer on the gingerbread house and the skater who skates on the cake are just brilliant additions to the advert… My kind of Christmas ad!

ASDA – “#becauseitschristmas”
ASDA have gone a bit flashy this year… I mean they’re using a lot of sparkly lights and a hit song called “Sax”, it just makes you want to dance all night long! Just don’t sleep in the middle of all the partying. ^_^

Marks and Spencer – “#TheArtofChristmas”
Oh dear, I feel like ASDA and M&S have clashed with their adverts! It also feels a little similar to the Argos advert from 2014. Sometimes it’s hard to have an original idea. Everything is so similar and familiar every year. I wonder what advertising is going to be like in a 100 years time… Same old stuff! Anyway, M&S starts off with lights and action, clothes and more clothes, accessories and food (but not enough of the glorious food)… Pretty much a party ad but not as fun as the ASDA one.

Tesco have done a few ads this Christmas and I left these till last because it’s hilarious.
Tesco – “Flirt”
I’ve never actually seen a guy in action in a supermarket trying to hit on someone before… Does this stuff really happen in supermarkets?! I guess they do!! Well just make sure your parents are not following behind you… ^O^

Tesco – “Emergency”
There’s a lot of gluten free stuff you can find in supermarkets and lots of things that aren’t with wheat. Hahahah, Tesco try to make it look simple in this advert that you can find gluten free food and things… like a light bulb…  🙂

Tesco – “Party”
If you’re having a private party try and keep it secret! Tesco does party food which cooks at the same temperature… hmmm, if my kitchen is finished before Christmas, I might just have to try it! 🙂

Seems to be a lot of hashtags this year!! More ads to come!

Here’s an exta one from Tesco!! The Final Shop! ^_^