Mamuska – London Elephant and Castle

Finally get time to blog! Well, a very short hour before I move onto my Japanese studies. >_<""
Miss Pinky wanted to go out last week and she picked the day of Master H’s (her youngest brother) birthday to go out on. ^_^
Miss Pinky passed by Elephant and Castle on a bus one day and said she saw this sign that was lit up quite brightly and messaged me to go and try Mamuska (English meaning: Step-mum… huh?!), a Polish restaurant which originally existed in Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre and I’ve never tried it…
We entered and the Christmas parties were already swinging into action. 
One of the staff members explained to us how to order in modern fashion… They basically start off like Nando’s where you pick from the menu and order your food at the till… Then once ordered, it switches to Argos where you’ve been given a ticket number and your number shows up on the TV screen where you yourself have to pick the food up. Heheheh!! 
Well, that was a good way of explaining the ordering service!!

So all four of us (including Baby B who was fast asleep in her pram) really had a good look at the menu before going up to order. It really took us a while to think about this…! 
Master H was at KFC earlier with Miss Pinky before they had to rush out the door before coming here. So Master H was eyeing the fried chicken so he asked for the Kurczak Panierowany (Eng: Breaded Chicken). I had a taste of it and it was delicious, there was a lot of chicken compacted together, and you could taste the chickeness in it. Master H was avoiding going home too early, so he ate slowly and took the rest of this home.
Kurczak Panierowany (breaded chicken)

Miss Pinky ordered the Pork Gulasz (Eng: Pork Stew). This similar to all the Eastern European gulasz’s! Even the Czech version is quite like this but the taste is obviously different. This tasted like a saltier stew than the Czech’s, and the pork was very tender. Master H said it looks and tastes like African stew.

Pork Gulasz (pork stew)

For the actual starters we ordered these Pierogi (Eng: dumplings) with pork filling. They look like Chinese dumplings! How weird! Well the pork tasted like tuna… how’s that possible?! We all liked these.

Pierogi – Pork

And I ordered the Slow Roasted Pork Belly which had mashed up buckwheat and gravy. Wow is all I can say! The buckwheat tasted like lumpy mashed potatoes. The pork belly was tender with the skin looking a bit like jelly. Aaaah it was amazing! I think I’ve had too much pork belly in these past few months… time to cut down… I recommend this if you like pork… Most of the foods on the menu are pork orientated.

Slow Roasted Pork Belly

As for drinks Miss Pinky and I went for the Polish beers. I had the Raspberry Beer whilst Miss Pinky had a normal Polish beer. Master H had a lemonade.

Rasberry Beer

Some sort of Polish beer

In total it came to around £32 or more… I can’t remember actually! But for three people, it is a reasonable price.

Happy Birthday Master H (who inconveniently had a birthday party yesterday ¬_¬).
My geeky rating: 5/5
Good points:
– Very friendly service
– Reasonable prices
– I like Polish food!! ^_^
Bad points:
– Seating was a bit tight but all was ok
Address: 16 Elephant and Castle, London, SE1 6TH
Telephone: 020 3602 1898


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