Love Walk Cafe – London Camberwell

Well, it’s about time I went to Love Walk Cafe. I’ve heard and read different views on this place and most of my colleagues praise it.
So straight after a meeting (and after my first work party at The Camberwell Arms) with slightly dreary eyes and hungry to try something different Miss Vegan and I went to buy things in Superdrugs then straight into Love Walk Cafe. It’s cash only and Miss Vegan forgot to get some cash, so I said I’ll treat her.
The place looks a bit daunting inside with pipes showing and bear walls but other than that it looks kind of a natural place to be in. A natural looking cafe.

Looking at the menu board there wasn’t much that I wanted so we asked if there was a separate food menu… yes there is! Quite a bit of choice.
We stood there waiting for a while, drinks became ready… Miss Vegan had the hot chocolate with soy milk.

 And I had a go at the Love Hangover smoothie consisting of spinach, mint mango and apple. Very green. Very healthy looking. Didn’t have a hangover but thought I should try it out!

We both ordered burgers but unfortunately it took a long time… In fact they were given to the wrong person. 😦 So one of the waiters went running to retrieve them back… It was also unfortunate that one of the burgers already had ketchup in it, so they had to change the chips. 😦 Hmmmm… maybe the waitress should have checked whose orders they were before giving them away… such a palava!! That’s already given me a bad impression of this place.
Well burgers sorted, a free pastry given (which I had) and a short walk back to the offices it was time to eat!
Blimey the burgers look big… Didn’t look as if it was anything special. I had the Jerk chicken burger that had a piece of pineapple in it. It actually didn’t taste bad. With jerk chicken I always worry about if it’s spicy enough. I think (from what I remember) is mainly the pineapple rather than the spice. Chips were ok, but went cold after our longish wait.

Miss Vegan had the Quinoa burger. She thought it was queer to see a quinoa as a burger but surprisingly it does work… I had a bit of taste of it, and Miss Vegan said it does work but needs something to finish it off. It’s kind of dry-ish towards the end of the taste… It needs a sort of sauce to make it a little wet and agreeable to the palate.

Well, total cost came to around £21. Expensive for cafe food methinks! 
Miss Vegan tells me the soup is the best part of the cafe… I guess I have to try it when I can.
My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:

– Polite service
– Burgers are big
– Smoothies are cool
– Apparently the soups are fantastic too (according to Miss Vegan)

Bad points:

– Cash only plus a little expensive
– Check orders before giving them out to the right customer
– Longish wait
Address: 81 Denmark Hill, Camberwell, London SE5 8RS
Tel: 020 77039898

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