Disney on Ice: Worlds of Enchantment 2015 – London O2

Uh oh, so now I’m trouble with all my friends because I booked this show (in June!) without asking anyone if they wanted to go and see Disney on Ice on Boxing Day! Well I thought Miss Money would be working and Miss Pinky would be in Scotland… but neither didn’t do that this year. Whoops.
Disney on Ice tickets were on sale with Amazon Local earlier this year and I was being selfish (a typical trait of mine when it comes to me, entertainment and spoiling myself :p) so I bought my ticket hoping for a good seat in which I did get…! Yay!!

The show was amazing with the skaters just building up on each Disney film. 

Start of the show started off with some boomerangs…

Then Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy presented the show…

First story was Toy Story.

We all know the story. Don’t need to explain.

Next was The Little Mermaid. I actually loved this animation when I was young… O, does this indicate my age? I was pretty young when this came out. Used to love the toys (especially Ursula) from McDonald’s. ^_^

Cars isn’t one of my favourites. A boy Disney film… I’m gender bending. ¬_¬!

Next up was Frozen. The famous one of them all. Are there just more kids into Disney these days or are the songs in Frozen just too captivating? I think the latter! This was the actual reason why my friends hated me… I watched this part without them… and I knew most of them liked Frozen. 😀

A spectacular show! I hope they do Frozen again next year and I’ll take Miss Pinky and others… Fingers crossed I don’t get beaten up before then. :p

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