International Christmas Adverts 2015 – Part 1: IKEA

Christmas is not over on this blog!

Welcome back to my fourth year of international Christmas adverts. I’m hoping to find some interesting ones this year.
Starting off with the IKEA ads once again. ^_^


This year Singapore and Malaysia are going techno on YouTube. So they are start singing in a small IKEA style with We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Then second version comes in with a few more dynamical singing voices and lots of IKEA goods… Then the last part gets trendier!! I love it!! You can also switch between scenes by using the dial in the bottom middle. So fun!!


This is called “Come Home to Play”, an animated style advert where a robot learns to fly with his two friends a bat and an eagle… It doesn’t look all IKEA until the end when the family room shows two kids and their father playing as the robot, bat and eagle. Hmmm… Didn’t feel that much excitement as the Singaporean one. Disappointed!


This is a nice ad from the German side of IKEA, it starts off with the kids taking over the house, then we see some cooking, then back to the kids drawing on everything (on the table cloth I guess!), then it’s a big family dinner. Nice!


This is a funny one from Italy. The young lad versus the old granny on who can set the table the fastest. A very cool Christmas battle – IKEA style. Hah!

I’ve been searching all the IKEA channels on YouTube, but it’s been disappointing that only a few countries decided to do a Christmas ad. 😦 … maybe next year!

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