International Christmas Adverts 2015 – Part 2

So second blogpost before we go into the New Year!! Yay!

Canada – #ACgiftofhome
This year I’m going with Air Canada, where a few lucky people thought they were filming a mailing service but in fact Air Canada are flying those people to see their loved ones. Brought a few tears to my eyes… seriously peeps… It’s like watching Home Alone when Macaulay Culkin reuniting with his family in the end.

Germany – EDEKA Weihnachtsclip – #heimkommen

This is quite epic. It’s actually become famous and has been compared a lot to the British John Lewis advert. EDEKA is a German supermarket like LIDL. It’s not surprising that other countries get the Christmas advertising and I’m sure this ad didn’t cost £1million to make, The advert shows an old man spending year after year alone at Christmas, he fakes his death just to get his family together! Surprisingly not any member of the family is angry about it!!

Poland – Coraz bliżej Święta – Margaret ft. The Voice of Poland 2015 Finalists | Coca-Cola #PodarujRadosc (Translation: Closer and closer to Christmas)

Wow! If you like the Coca-Cola mini jingle song then you might like this… It’s not really a complete advert but a song of The Voice finalists with a famous Polish singer Margaret. I like this. I think I might be into Polish music. ¬_¬””

Spanish – Anuncio Lotería de Navidad 2015 – #Justino

Here’s another year of the Spanish Lottery where they’ve used a bit more imagination and fun animation. My god, this made me cry!! The night caretaker of a manequin factory seems to be quite bored, so he plays about with the manequins. The day staff play the lottery, and one evening they won… the night caretaker seemed to be upset that he wasn’t there with them, but the staff stayed behind and threw a party for him… it’s best if you watch it. Emotional!!

USA – The Wish Writer – Macy’s Christmas Film

Something tells me the USA are following pursuit with the British 3 minute style Christmas ads. Not bad for Macy’s. Could have added a bit more script to it… like a bit of talking… But anyway, this follows two kids who make wishes using a magic pen making them come true, in some cases they don’t come true. It’s more about sharing and giving to others. An ok-ish advert, could add more spring to it though.

Slovenia – Za najbližje gremo najdlje (Translation: Go to the nearest longest)

A bit of a strange ad from Telekom Slovenia. ¬_¬” A kid follows a snowflake and is filmed by a TV crew… I think the snowflake is looking for his family. Probably like following the star to find Jesus… something like that I guess.

Hong Kong – 頭抬高 睇Good Show!(Translation: Raise your heads Watch a Good Show!)

Well Hong Kong adverts tend to be short and simple, nothing spectacular, so here’s just a short advert from Ocean Park tell kids and adults to stop looking at their mobile devices, look up and watch a good show at Ocean Park.

Japan – ソフトバンク CM MOON RIBAR「みんなのクリスマス」(Translation: Softbank CM MOON RIBAR “Everyone’s Christmas)

The Japanese are always cute with their adverts. I cannot deny that SoftBank, correct a bank can show off their advertising skills! A group of friends decide to surprise one of their friends for Christmas in Tokyo. I know it’s Tokyo because they see fireworks lit up next to Tokyo Skytree. ^_^

Korea – [부라더#소다] 부라더소다 하연수 광고영상(크리스마스 ver.) – Translation: [Brother # soda] soda Brother Ha Yeon-soo video ad (Christmas ver.)

Uh, sometimes I think Korean adverts are pretty cool… but this one surprised me. Without translating the title I assumed this was about sleeping mattresses, but in fact it’s about soda! Drinking soda. O.M.G!!

France – Orange

I think most of the mobile phone ads these days is about video or taking pictures with a good resolution… this French Orange ad shows a mother trying to capture all the good moments with her family but does not succeed until the very end.

Czech Republic – Kaufland: Jak se točila vánoční reklama (Finální reklama!) (Translation: Kaufland: Behind The Scenes Christmas advertising (Final advertising!)

LOL!! The Czech are quite funny with their dry sense of humour in this advert. A young boy and his granny go around in a Kaufland supermarket with an angel throwing confetti, a silent choir and then in the end, wait for it… an exploding car. ¬_¬”” Very dry sense of humour!! Heheheh

That’s it for this year…! Can’t wait for more adverts in 2016!!